The Cat Rescuer Who is a Friend to All Felines

Cat rescues have popped up all around the country. Most rescues serve as temporary shelters to provide food, shelter, and medical attention for cats waiting to be adopted. There is one rescuer that goes over the top in showing how much she cares. This cat rescuer is a fur-end to all felines Mills- Jabsen is the kind of person who goes all the way to rescue cats. Her story is touching and ongoing. From the time that she was young, Mills-Jabsen has rescued any cat that she comes across that needs help. She works with the Coastal Bend Cat Rescue to help cats in a foster-based setting. The organization has a unique bend. It cares for cats that are ill, helping them recover to a healthy status whenever possible. Mills-Jabsen cares for cats that are sick, as well as participating in the trap-neuter-return program. What’s different about her is that she volunteers in critical care of cats who need more intensive medical treatment. She switched strictly to urgent care in recent years. While she still goes out and traps feral cats, she spends most of her time doing the job few others are involved in. She also works as a gymnastics coach to support herself.


Some of the surgeries required can run as high as $5,000 to $7,000 for the critically ill cats that Mills-Jabsen cares for. She has launched a campaign to raise funds to pay the costs for those requiring more intensive medical interventions. The cat-rescue welcomes all donations and helps from volunteers. Anyone interested in helping can contact them at Donations for medical interventions are always appreciated. The center’s staff appreciates any help offered from caring cat advocates interested in volunteering their time.

Cat Rescues that make a difference

The work that is being done by Coastal Bend Cat Rescue is more intensive than most other providers, but others also go the extra mile to help cats in crisis. The issue of feral, lost, or stray cats is so massive that it would take an army of volunteers just to scratch the tip of the iceberg. There are a few other notable rescue organizations that are out there making a difference for vulnerable cats.

Long Living Pets Rescue and Rehab Center

This organization is a rescue center that also offers a different approach to pet rescue. It’s based on a holistic approach to rescue pets from kill shelters and prevent them from facing euthanasia. The rehab center focuses on natural healing strategies and they teach others how to use natural treatments to help restore pets to their best possible health. The approach relies on restoring the immune system through the healthiest diets. Their focus is on helping animals with compromised immune systems. The organization is also a research-based facility that has obtained data from 30 years of observation on the effects of pet foods and dogs and cats suffering from cancers and other diseases. Instead of using mediations with potentially dangerous side effects, natural and safe modalities are employed. The Rescue has launched a $2 million fundraiser and is currently in the third phase of development intending to serve 10,000 dogs and 5,000 cats for the study

Purrfect Pals Rescue

Purrfect Pals is an organization that is designed to serve cats and kittens that are at the highest risk. They serve senior cats as well, and those with chronic illnesses, behavioral issues, and other major medical needs. This organization is an adoption and rehabilitation facility that accepts cats with special needs and helps to prepare them to live in the most suitable home with adopted pet parents. They also place cats with short and long term foster families. They currently have over 140 special needs cats in their facility.

Critical Care Cat Rescue

Critical Care Cat Rescue is an organization dedicated to helping pet rescues, sanctuaries, and individuals who care about the health and welfare of cats in need. They rescue cats in need of medical care and those that are facing euthanasia at local shelters. They also accept cats with severe behavioral issues as well as those with terminal conditions who still have time to enjoy what is left of their lives. The organization provides transportation along with financial assistance and supplies to rescuers to help preserve the lives of cats who require extra help.

There are dozens of cat rescues in the United States alone. Some have unique approaches to assisting, but it’s the diverse approach that is going to make the biggest difference. It’s one thing to provide food and shelter for a stray cat, but quite another to provide for its medical needs, and to ensure that the animal is properly socialized and suitable for adoption. The people who volunteer at these organizations are doing everything in their power to provide a holistic approach to ending the suffering of helpless felines without loving families to look after them.

Final thoughts

There is always a need for more people to get involved in the effort. The problem is a massive spiderweb that includes the need for shelter space, food, medical treatment, and those who can work with the cats to help prepare them for adoption into their forever homes. If you want to get involved, it’s a good idea to find out about rescues in your local area. Whether it’s donating spare time that you have, fostering or adopting a homeless cat, or making financial donations to help pay for the costs of caring for the cats under shelter care, we can all make a difference when we work together. Each of us can do our part by ensuring that our pets are spayed or neutered to prevent more unwanted kittens from populating the streets. Instead of buying a kitten from a mill, adopt a cat in need of a home and shut the mills down, and make room for them to help one more kitty in distress.

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