Can Cats Eat Chicken Nuggets?

Chicken Nuggets

Have you ever wondered if your cat can have certain table scraps? Perhaps you’ve been inclined to share your food with your cat, only to change your mind at the last minute because you were worried that whatever you were about to feed her could potentially cause harm. What if the food in question is a chicken nugget? After all, chicken is found in a lot of cat food so if you’re using that type of reasoning, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that you could safely give her a chicken nugget or two without upsetting the balance of the entire universe in the process? As is so often the case with answers to questions about what you can and cannot feed your pets, there’s not exactly a simple answer here. Truth be told, you’ll probably be surprised by the time you’re done reading this article and it might even cause you to rethink some of the other things that you’re feeding your cat as well.

Are Chicken Nuggets Safe for Your Cat?

In reality, chicken nuggets are not exactly the safest food for you or your cat. If you’re wondering why, a lot of it comes down to the way that they’re cooked. Granted, your cat eats chicken but it’s highly unlikely that she needs chicken prepared in this manner on a daily basis. Chicken nuggets are breaded and they often contain loads of preservatives and spices that are potentially harmful to your cat. In addition, they are usually deep-fried in oil, something else that makes them even less healthy. If you really want to get serious about things, there has been a great deal of debate about whether or not chicken nuggets are even made from chicken, depending on where you purchase them from. Think about it like this. Would you allow your children to eat chicken nuggets every single day? Hopefully, the answer is a resounding no. If that’s the case, then why would you allow your cat to eat them all the time? Does that mean that it’s never safe for your cat to have even a single chicken nugget? Not really, but there is one caveat that you need to be aware of. If you’re going to feed her a chicken nugget or two, it’s really best to remove all of the breading and make sure that she only eats the chicken, even if you’re only talking about the occasional treat. Still not convinced? Then it’s important that you read on.

It Can’t Be That Unsafe, Right?

Unfortunately, chicken nuggets are not exactly the safest thing to eat, regardless of who you’re talking about. It’s not a healthy food for humans and because cats process and metabolize food differently than people, it’s even more dangerous for them. It’s also worth noting that when you’re talking about the different ingredients used for the breading, there are roughly 32 different items on the list and about half of them are chemicals. That takes you right back to the advice given in the above paragraph about taking the breading off and feeding your cat only the meat itself. Surely that’s completely safe, right? Not so fast. Before you get too comfortable with that idea, consider this fact. Chicken nuggets are not the type of chicken that you’re thinking about when you buy chicken and prepare it at home. They are definitely not made entirely from chicken breast or anything else for that matter. As a matter of fact, they are essentially made from some chicken meat, as well as ground up fragments of bone, blood vessels and even intestines, all of it pressed together. That’s enough to make even the person with the heartiest stomach want to vomit. Chances are, you no longer want to eat them yourself, so why would you be feeding them to your cat?

What If Your Cat Eats a Whole Plate of Chicken Nuggets?

Imagine this scenario. Despite what you now know about chicken nuggets, you go out and get some anyway, wanting to enjoy them for yourself and not give any to your cat. However, you put them on a plate and then the phone rings, so you trot off to answer it. In the meantime, your cat ends up scarfing down the entirety of your plate of chicken nuggets. Should you be worried? The answer is yes, you should be concerned and yes, you should pay extra close attention to your cat for the next 24 hours. More often than not, your cat will be able to handle a situation like this, but that isn’t always the case. If she starts to act differently in any capacity, then it’s time to contact your veterinarian right away. If she starts showing signs of nausea, vomiting, lethargy or difficulty breathing, take her to an emergency clinic as quickly as you can get there. Even if she isn’t showing any signs and is behaving completely normally, worried cat owners might want to make an impromptu visit to the veterinarian anyway, just to make sure that everything is okay. The moral of the story here is a simple one. Just because your cat begs for food does not necessarily mean that she should have it. Some of the table scraps that animals ask for are just not safe for them to have and that is the case here. As previously mentioned, chicken nuggets may not be safe for anyone to eat, but they’re certainly not safe for your cat. If you want to feed her chicken, it’s really much better if you prepare the chicken at home because then you know exactly what’s going into it. Better still, find her a high quality food that incorporates both dry and wet food. That way, she’s more satisfied because she enjoys the taste and she’s getting all the nutrients she needs.

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