Expert Explains Why Your Cat Sleeps at Your Feet

Cats are amazing creatures that keep us entertained and guessing about why they do the things they do. Most cat owners can attest to the fact that they develop some rather bizarre habits we don’t understand. Some cats surprise us by shifting from a relaxed and restful demeanor to jumping wildly in the air in play. They can be unpredictable in these ways, but there are some behaviors that we can predict. One of them is their tendency to curl up at their owners’ feet to take a nap. Have you ever wondered why cats like to sleep at your feet?

Why cats curl up and sleep at your feet

According to research shared on Yahoo, cats have their reasons for sleeping at your feet. If you allow them in the bedroom you’ll find that they tend to sleep at the foot of your bed near your feet. The reason that they do this is instinctual. Cats tend to be independent. They seek attention when they want it. When they don’t, they’d rather not be bothered. They like to live life on their own terms. They do realize that when they sleep, they are vulnerable. This instinct is what makes them desire to be near you. You are their protection. While they’re fast asleep, they have confidence that laying at your feet gives them proximity to you and provides a measure of protection. It’s really a habit that they form out of a need to feel safe and secure. They choose the foot of the bed because it gives them a quick route for escape if there is a need to flee.

Keeping you in his sight

Even if your cat is being standoffish, he will usually choose a resting place that is near your feet or in a spot where he can keep his eye on you. Cats find comfort in knowing that their pet parents are nearby if they need you for any reason. This is one of the reasons why you’ll find them at your feet and ankles whether you’re sitting in a chair, lying in your bed, or walking through the house.

They’re totally self-serving

Cats are self-absorbed creatures. This is something that most of us can agree on. They may also opt to curl up on top of your feet for extra body warmth. If it’s cold in the room, your cat is more likely to make physical contact with you by lying on your lap or curling up around your feet so he is touching you. Even cats that touch me not will resort to this when they feel a chill.

Why your cat is always underfoot?

In a similar vein, cats tend to be a tripping hazard in the home. While not all of them adopt this habit, a good many do. It seems that they are constantly underfoot when you walk from one room to another. Why do they do this? According to the Sun-Sentinel, there are three reasons why they run in between your feet as you’re walking. The first is because they love to rub against your legs. In case you’re not familiar with cat body language, this is one of the ways that they show you warmth and affection. It’s the way that they greet you and let you know that they’re glad to see you. What they’re really trying to tell you is that they want a little attention. Most of the time they’ll stop doing it if you pet them for a few minutes.

Cats also walk between your legs in a bid to gain your undivided attention. If your cat runs between your legs then keeps going toward the food dish or litter box, there is something he wants you to do for him. He either wants more food or water or his litter box is getting too full. There is a task that he wants you to complete for him. The third reason that your cat runs between your legs is that he feels like playing. If he’s playing a game of ambush with you then he’s feeling spirited and in the mood for some fun and games. If he occasionally takes a swipe at your ankles it’s all in good fun. This is more common in kittens and young cats. Older cats have usually outgrown this phase and no longer want to take the risk of making you fall on them. They learn as they grow and in most cases, their behaviors change over time except for sleeping at your feet. This is likely to be a lifelong habit for your cat as it’s something that is an inborn instinct.

Final thoughts

In case you’re wondering why your cat insists on sleeping at your feet, you can now understand that he’s doing it for the sense of security that you offer. It shows that you are a trusted friend that he depends on to meet his every need. You are the one that he goes to when he is feeling insecure, or if he wants to play, or if there is anything else you can do for him. While cats tend to be self-absorbed creatures, they truly give as much or more than they take. Cats are capable of love and of showing their affection. They’re not totally egocentric, just mostly this way. They crave interaction with their owners and thrive in environments where they’re shown plenty of love and affection. They insist on having their every need met and they’ll let you know when they want or need something from you. Unfortunately, it’s usually by darting between your legs and tripping you up as you walk but try to remember that it’s just how they communicate with you.

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