What are the Five Best Brands of Canned Cat Food?

Worldwide Demand for Organic Foods Grows

You want nothing but the best for your cat and what is more important than health? Their diet is the foundation on which their health is based upon, so it’s imperative that you feed your cat only the best food for their tiny, furry bodies! With so many canned cat food on the market, it’s hard to decipher which ones are the best and of top quality. The best brands use high quality ingredients, are grain-free and as natural as possible.

Here are the top five canned food brands:

1. Halo

This brand boasts all natural cat food made with no byproducts, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and only the finest ingredients.

2. Innova EVO

While they only come in one flavor, this cat food brand is excellent and shows in all of the reviews written about them. Pet owners swear by the brand and are truly loyal. They are low carb, high protein and grain free.

3. Natural Balance

This brand contains no byproducts, which is an important aspect when looking into cat food. It also maintains its own testing center for known toxins. Natural Balance canned foods do not have BPA lining in their cans as well.

4. Wellness

Wellness is quality cat food, which is a prime reason for its high price tag. It has won over critics and pet owners alike, landing at the top of the reviews that are out there. While they do carry different flavors that include grain, they let you know on the label very clearly.

5. Weruva

This has been a long-time favorite among cats, especially if they prefer juicy canned food over pate. They not only provide chicken – they also have seafood and fish-based flavors.

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