Five Cat Breeds That Behave as “Guard Cats”

Burglars fear homes with dogs because they assume that all our canines are guard dogs, but they are yet to meet cats whose protective nature matches that of dogs.

Therefore, if you prefer felines to pups, you can still feel secure; you might even have to put up a sign to warn strangers of your little furry friend. If you do not believe it, take a lot at these cat breeds that will growl at strangers and bite burglars, to keep you and your family safe.

Tasman Manx

1. Manx

Street Director advised us that if we are searching for a pet that would be a playmate and protector for our children, then a Manx is the way to go. As companions for kids, Manx cats are good at playing fetch.

As protectors, they are so protective of their home that even the sight of a strange dog sets them off, and they are bound to attack them. The felines are very alert, and should they hear or notice a strange noise, they become vocal, producing a low growl as if to warn the threat that they better leave. As a result, Manx cats have been called “watch cats.”

They love following their human’s around, so always be on the lookout lest you step on them. They are great companions who are responsive and even attempt to “talk” to you, which is quite rare considering how distant cats can be.

Manx cats’ only weird thing is their tailless bodies, which have been associated with different myths. Some believe it was a sacred breed, and the owners cut the tails so that if ever the felines were stolen, the tails would be buried to bring misfortune to the thieves. Others say that Noah cut it off as the cat entered the Ark.

2. Turkish Angora

If someone has ever said he would go through hell for you, but it was a lie, you are better off with the Turkish Angora. This cat breed is very affectionate towards your family members but will always choose one particular person to be loyal to; that person gets to enjoy the feline’s protective nature.

Therefore, you will be lucky if the cat likes you more than the rest because he will always jump in front of any threat to keep you safe. All the same, you will have to do your part and keep him active because they are a playful breed.

The best thing about this breed is the trainability; since they are highly intelligent, Turkish Angoras can quickly learn tricks. Therefore, even if your cat does not display their protective nature towards everyone in the family, you can still train him to be alert and keep away attackers since they are also friendly towards strangers.

Training is also essential to avoid inappropriate behavior because of their playful nature. If you are shopping for one, you can quickly identify them from the tapered ears and long silky hair that shimmers when they move; no wonder they are referred to as the “ballerinas of the cat world.”

3. Burmese

As the name suggests, Burmese originated from Burma (currently Myanmar), where they were considered pets by the royal family and would guard the entrance to pagodas and temples.

Although the purebred cats disappeared in Burma and hybrids became more popular with time, Burmese are beloved pets around the globe. They are playful and love being around children; hence they are listed among the cat breeds that behave like dogs. Once they become attached to humans, they also are very protective and will not let you out of their sight.

Such behavior was reported by i iz cat, which shared a video of how two Burmese cats protected a newborn and six years later they still kept watch over her. Their affectionate nature is a unique characteristic that sets them apart from other cat breeds, and it is this strong bond that makes them one of the best guard cats you can ever have. Of course, you will need to make time for them lest you become their least favorite person.

4. Siamese

Even cats are endowed with beauty and brains, and the Siamese cat is the epitome of both. Therefore, she is highly trainable to be a guard cat, although her protectiveness comes naturally, so the training would only enhance what she already was born to do.

Since Siamese cats love height and are excellent jumpers, they were used as guard cats. According to Hills Pet, they are the legendary temple cats of the King of Siam. They would be perched on columns surrounding the throne to easily spot any threat to the king and would quickly react by jumping on the threat and attacking them on the ground.

Although this is only a legend that is hard to prove, research has shown that they are one of the most protective cat breeds. Should they pledge their loyalty to you, the felines do everything within their ability to ensure your safety.

The connection between the Siamese cat and his human has been described as “virtually unbreakable.” When they sense danger, they make their presence known to the threat by hissing to ward off the perceived attacker. Sometimes, they scratch and attack the threat.

5. Maine Coon

On Quora, one person asked how protective or defensive a Maine Coon is of his owners. Another responded detailing how their cat attacked an intruder, leaving the feline with broken claws and a tooth to nurse.

Moreover, another Maine Coon cat would not let anyone near her owner whenever she sensed that he was not feeling well, to the extent of growling at whoever gave him his injections.

That being said, Maine Coon is another protective cat breed that is fiercely loyal and will guard their humans with as much vigor as they would their kittens. They are very alert, and their sense of hearing and smell makes them one of the best guard cats because they will be aware of danger before their owners are.

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