Five Cat-Centric Vacation Destinations to Visit

Cat-obsessed travelers have been taking advantage of the rise of cat popularity on social media in the last few years. Because of that social media development, many establishments globally have been building up spaces and attractions specifically with cat lovers in mind. These establishments vary from cat sanctuaries where you can actually adopt a pet to cat cafes where you can spend your afternoon having high tea with furry feline friends. No matter what your travel goal may be, there’s a place for you to visit somewhere in the world that can tickle your fancy and give you tons of cat interaction. Whether you’re going away with your own cat companion or going solo, these five cat-centric vacation destinations are definite bucket list material for all cat lovers looking to travel.

Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary, Rome

Never mind that you’re visiting one of the oldest cities in the world. The fact that this cat sanctuary is located in Rome is already a plus. In addition, Torre Argentina’s location is actually historically important. This is the site where the famous Roman emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated. It may sound dark, but once you come to this cat sanctuary, you’ll feel nothing but bliss being surrounded by as many as 150 cats in an open space. Be careful coming here solo; you might end up leaving as a duo with a tailed friend in tow.

Aoshima Island, Japan

If you didn’t already know, there are islands in Japan that are mainly inhabited by cats. One in particular is the Aoshima Island, which is overrun by hundreds of cats of varying breeds, shapes, and sizes. These cats were introduced to the island to take care of rodent infestations. They’ve done well for themselves and have definitely taken over the entire land mass. This destination will take an entire day to experience, but it’s absolutely worth it. Just don’t expect all the cats to be happy with your presence there. There’s a reason why only 20 people live on the island on any given day. The cats rule around there, and they’re always on defense to protect their lands.

Neco Republic Cat Café, Japan

Here’s an example of a cat café that has been doing a lot of good for cats since they opened. There are a lot of cat cafes in the Asian region, but this one in particular does more than just use the cats for human entertainment. All the cats at Neco Republic are linked to an animal shelter, where they can be adopted whenever someone might be moved to do so. This typically happens after a solid interaction at the café. So think of Neco Republic as a meeting place for potential friends. You never know when you might be moved to bring home a lovely friend that’s been looking for a home.

Cat House on the Kings, California

Imagine being surrounded by 700 cats. That can happen at the Cat House on the Kings, a cat sanctuary that has a no-kill and no-cage rule. This cat sanctuary is the biggest of its kind in the US. You can tour the location and spend a lot of time playing with the cats there. Otherwise, you can help support the animals through gift donations or a sponsorship. After all, you can probably imagine that it costs a good amount of money to be able to take care of over 700 animals. The best solution is if you take a cat home with you. You and the cat will both benefit greatly by that.

Cats Museum, Montenegro

The city of Kotor, Montenegro is crowded with cats. They’re just everywhere hanging and living like people do. This is probably why there’s a dedicated museum just for cats in the city. Cats are the symbol of the city, and if you go to the museum, you’ll see an entire establishment of cat paraphernalia. You’ll find books on cats, postcards with cats, advertising on cats, and so many more. You can even buy cat food at the museum shop, so you can feed all the cats that you will encounter in the streets. It’s a worthy buy considering that it only costs one Euro to enter the museum. The cats probably like that you’re going to a museum all about them, but surely they’ll appreciate the food even more.

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