Five of the Best Toys for Blind Cats

Living with a blind cat doesn’t have to be hassle. In fact, it can even be more rewarding as usual knowing that you could make a difference in a handicapped animal’s life just as it could in yours. Blind cats are very capable of adapting to any kind of environment, given proper care, nourishment, and attention. They use their senses to orient themselves, and once they’ve done that, they behave just like any normal cat would. Blind cats also love to lounge around, and they also love to play. In the case of a blind cat, there are toys that prove to be more useful and fun to use. Here’s a list of the five best toys for blind cats.

1. Blinky Babble Ball

This interactive toy was designed with special needs animals in mind. They’re perfect for your cat in several ways. First off, they come in ball format, so your cat can play them and follow the sound to where they roll. Next, these balls come with 20 built in phrases and sounds that will entertain your cat to no end. The balls are sturdy enough to handle your cat’s playfulness, and it’s batteries can power anywhere from 12,000 to 15,000 phrases or sounds. Apart from entertaining your cat, the babble ball can help it exercise as well.

2. Mylar Crinkle Balls

Perhaps these are some of the simplest toys you could ever give your blind cat. These small crinkle balls basically just make crinkling sounds whenever your cat touches them. As simple as that may sound, it can provide your cat with hours of fun and entertainment. You can get a whole bunch of these Mylar crinkle balls and scatter them all around your house for your cat to find. It can be a great game of finder’s keepers that will help your cat get oriented with any changes at home. These are small enough for your cat to carry with it as it pleases, and once your cat is done playing with them, they’re easy to pick up and put away.

3. Pawstrip Funny Cat Toy Fur Mice Rattling Toy

Your blind cat will know that it’s chasing something worth the trouble. Some say that cats know the difference between real fur and fake fur. This particular toy is made with real rabbit fur, giving your cat an interesting texture to play with. Since this pack comes with 12 little mice, you can keep scattering the toy mice all over your house for continuous fun. The rattling will also keep your cat entertained; they’re not too loud or too soft—the sound is just right. These are also small enough to be carried around in cats’ mouths. Cats of all ages love these fake rattling mice.

4. Yeowww! Catnip Yellow Banana Cat Toy

You can probably ignore the fact that it’s bright yellow and in the shape of a banana. The most important feature of this toy is the 100% organically grown catnip that comes from trusted farmers. When you have a blind cat, you’re going to want to appeal to all its senses, and most of the time, we only think about cats’ hearing. We forget that cats smell too and the like to smell. This catnip toy is made from durable cotton that allows the smell of catnip to filter through. It’s also durable enough to handle all the biting and scratching your cat will be doing to it.

5. Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Toy

This large toy takes ball chasing to new levels. If you want to keep your cat stationed yet entertained in one area, this one toy can do just that. The cat toy consists of large circuits that contain a motion activated zipping ball. While this is just a starter circuit, you can add to it to expand and create new designs. Your cat will appreciate the change and will never get bored with this toy. These are easy to assemble, so it’s absolutely no hassle to you. But the stimulation your cat will get out of this toy is worth anything. You can even equip this toy with a massager attachment. It’s something that can pamper your cat the way it deserves to be.

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