10 Kitten Toys That Will Help Your Cat Learn

cat playing with toy

Most of us assume that cats are more intelligent than dogs; probably because dogs drool and cats present themselves as far more refined. However, medical and scientific studies prove dogs are the more intelligent creature. For that reason, we need to get our cats to step up their game, and these toys are designed to do just that.

From simple toys that teach cats the importance of good health and the dangers of obesity to toys that your cat can learn to use on its own, each one of these is a great, inexpensive and fairly small item you can take home and allow your cat to play with when you’re just a little bit busy living your life.

petsafe slimcat

PetSafe Slim Cat Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser – $6

Not only does this small toy help your cats learn how to maneuver and manipulate the toy so that food and/or treats are dispensed, it also helps to keep your cat healthy. This toy is only going to distribute a small amount of food or treat so that your cat does not overindulge and end up sick or obese. Since the cat has to learn how to make the food come out of the toy, it’s a great educational toy that will give your cat something to do.

cat tunnel toys

Cat Tunnel Toy – $20

Your cat is going to learn a lot from this toy as it learns to navigate the different directions. With three different directions, your cat will learn how to hide, how to get in and out of this toy and how to entertain itself in a way that it cannot resist. Great for cats that want to learn something new, this is a wonderful toy.

bird catcher pro

Bird Catcher Pro – $26

This is a great option for your cat as far as learning toys are concerned. This is a toy that helps your cat learn patience and stalking, and it’s fun. Your cat is going to enjoy playing with this, learning to move stealthily and by itself, and it’s going to keep itself entertained and educated for hours on end.

catit senses

Catit Senses – $12

Your cat is going to learn a lot with this toy. He’s going to learn that mice run around and play, he’s going to learn to watch them and wait. He’s going to learn strategy and patience as he plots and plans how to ensure he’s able to catch the mice as they run free inside this interactive educational cat toy. It’s a fun toy, it’s affordable, and it’s going to keep your cat entertained for hours on end.

catit designs

Catit Design Senses Treat Maze – $12

Cats are not typically the most patient animals when it comes to eating, and this is a toy that will teach your cat to learn to be patient. It’s going to teach your cat the educational practice of allowing him or her to learn to eat in a timely fashion as well as entertain the idea that they are not going to get what they want without some hard work and patience. It’s not a toy, but your cat will think that it is.

pet fit for life

Pet Fit for Life 2 – $7

The Pet Fit for Life 2 is a great toy that will teach both you and your cat. You will learn more about your cat as you are forced to play with him or her, and you will learn that your cat is a lot more fun than you might have previously imagined. This is a fun toy for those who enjoy spending time with their animals, as well as those who are looking to ensure they have what they need to teach their cats the art of stalking their prey.

spt cat springs

Spot Cat Colorful Springs – $2

This is a fun toy that will teach your cat the importance of physical activity, patience and fun. This is a toy that manages to escape the grips of your cat on a regular basis. It might frustrated him at first, but it will very likely teach your cat to be patient and relaxed over time. It will teach him to be more careful, to hold things a particular way to keep them in place and to be aware of what is going on.

ripple rug

Ripple Rug – $40

This interactive toy is the best kind because of what it teaches your cat. It teaches your cat that it’s a safe place to scratch and play, and that your furniture is strictly off limits. This is what we are looking for when we say that cats need a toy that will teach them something useful. If this is not the most useful thing imaginable, I don’t know what is. The ripple rug can be reshaped and changed to fit the ever changing needs of your cat, and it’s a fun toy for everyone involved.

scratch toy

Purrfect Arch Groom Toy – $11

This is the kind of toy we are talking about in terms of making everyone in the entire family happy. This kind of toy is what it takes to teach your cat a very valuable lesson; it needs to learn to make itself happy. It needs to rely on itself to get what it wants when it wants it. Though it may seem a bit like a harsh lesson, it is not. It’s the kind of lesson that allows your cat to scratch and please itself in the way that you might if you were home all the time. Since you aren’t, though, it makes it far easier for your cat to find enjoyment at home.

cat's meow

Cat’s Meow Toy Boxed – $10

With this awesome toy, you will find that it’s impossible for your cat not to teach itself to entertain. The cat will learn to use the magic wand that comes with the toy and makes the mouse move, basically teaching it to entertain itself and get its own toy going. It’s a very simple toy, but an effective one for animals in need of a little entertainment.

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