Five Reasons Your Cat Likes to Lick You

Cat licking

Many of us who are cat owners know all too often that our cats love to lick their human family members.  There spiked tongue can sometimes be painful, but we take it as an act of love.  But why are our feline friends really licking us?  The answer to that question may just surprise you.  You see there are five main reasons for cat licking and today we are going to learn a little more about them. The first reason that cats love to lick humans, is of course because they love you.  They realize who takes care of them and they are repaying that with love.  This is probably the most common reason for licking and the cutest.

The second reason that you are getting licked by your kitty is because they are trying to be social.  Just like when cats lick each other, they are trying to bond with one another.  When they lick us it’s for the same reason, so don’t be taken away by it. The third reason you are getting licked, is because it makes them feel comfortable.  While this may seem strange to us humans, when cats lick it calms their nerves and helps them to relax.  Sure they might get a little carried away with it, but it really does them good.

The forth reason is that they are trying to clean you.  While you might not think your hand is dirty, cats can smell odors that us humans cannot. Felines are very clean animals and if they think you are dirty, they will want to clean you as well.  This is just part of their nature and it’s something that almost all cats do.

The fifth and final reason that your pet kitty is licking you is to get your attention.  Cats are very social animals and they are often in need of affection.  If you are not paying attention to your cat, you might get a lick on the arm while you are watching TV. With a simple scratch on the head, your pet will probably stop licking you and allow you to finish your program.

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