Five Things You Didn’t Know About Egyptian Mau Cats


While Egyptian Mau cats have a lot in common with wild cats, they are domesticated and are very devoted to their owners. Even though they are quite similar to wildcats, the felines actually make for great pets – although they don’t adapt to new families easily. These cats have long legs and are naturally active with a penchant for playing games. Their many facets makes them extremely fascinating to cat lovers, but there are a number of things you may not know about the breed.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Egyptian Mau cats:

1. What can probably be assumed by its name, the Egyptian Mau cat can trace its origins to ancient Egypt. They are thought to be at least 3,000 years old – we know this because they have been depicted in ancient drawings and hieroglyphics that date as far back as 2200 B.C.

2. Pure-bred Egyptian Mau cats are pretty rare to find these days because over the years, they adopted attributes of other cat species.

3. It is the fastest of all the domestic cats, known to reach speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour.

4. The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted breed in the domestic cat family – and is only one of two naturally spotted breeds in existence.

5. One distinct physical aspect of Egyptian Maus is the marking on their forehead that is in the shape of the letter “M” – it’s called a scarab beetle mark. Legend has it that ancient Egyptian women would emulate the look using kohl eyeliner to take on the Mau marking inspiration.

Photo Source: Alex GermanĀ 

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