“Gary the Cat” Skis, Hikes and Paddles with His Owner

You’ve probably seen those cute commercials on TV of surfing dogs and pets who can play the piano or even paint portraits of their owner. And, you’ve probably immediately thought that they’ve got to be fake. Well, the piano-playing and painting talents might be but they’re actually cats and dogs who can do amazing things, especially when it comes to sports. The truth is that, according to Global News, one very special pet named ‘Gary the Cat’ gets involved in all kinds of sports. His very proud pet parent, James Eastham, calls Gary his “adventure buddy” and frankly he also looks absolutely adorable in his ski goggles. From boats to the slopes, five-year-old Gary can do just about anything that James can do. James calls Gary a pretty relaxed cat, but even so, he had to have a great deal of training for getting him to the point that he’s currently at.

How This Sporting Cat Got His Start

So, how did this amazing sporting cat get his start at being James’ willing partner in all these things? Well, Gary was adopted six years ago by James’ partner when he was just a kitten and was living at the Calgary Humane Society and coping with a painful broken hip. Their adventuring into the wild together began when Gary and James were just sitting on the front porch. From the porch, they branched out slowly to going to the park nearby.

Accidental Kitty Skiing

According to Bored Panda, James related how he and Gary accidentally ended up skiing together by accident. It happened about two years ago when they were snowed-in. James couldn’t even get around except by skiing. And, since Gary was with him at the time when they came to a tiny hill on their way back home, he thought that he would just see how it would go if they tried skiing down the hill.

Riding On His Shoulder

At the time, they’d done some adventuring together over the past 1.5 years. So, putting Gary on his shoulders, he tried out a few short ski runs. James says that they were only 25 to 30 meters or so long. Surprisingly, Gary did fairly well, according to James. Now, of course, Gary is quite accomplished at skiing while he rides on James’ shoulder. And, that particular position has also become Gary’s favorite way to ride when they’re hiking.

Instagram Star

These days, Gary’s a major hit on social media and has 330,000 Instagram followers as well as 238,000 Tik Tok followers. James actually started his Instagram account just for having some fun and getting everybody to smile, which he feels is all the more important because things have been somewhat depressing because of the pandemic that just keeps dragging on. He also said that he really didn’t expect it to turn out to be what it has become. He described it as a little wild since Gary is now an Instagram cat who is semi-famous. He further stated that many people who they have met on some of the trails have been getting quite excited about getting to see Gary up close and personal.

No Boring Social Media Stuff Here

Now, it’s true that social media is just filled with all kinds of awe-inspiring pics of travelers who love to show off plenty of stunning photos from their travels. However, since influencers always seem to be copying other influencers, those pics can definitely start getting uninspired and even repetitive. Well, it’s either that, or perhaps everybody’s just so tired of having to look at all of the picture-perfect models who always pose for each and every shot. If that’s where you’re at, then James and Gary’s Instagram offerings are the perfect antidote to boring social media stuff. Gary actually has one of the top social media accounts on the web. He’s a true adventurer in every way and adores everything from hiking to paddling. And, once you’ve taken a look at his gallery, you could start feeling a strong sense of envy because he’s one feline who has much more exciting vacations than most people do.

Kitty Training

Slow and easy is the advice James has for anyone thinking about training their kitty to get involved in any athletic endeavor. And, according to Global News, he doesn’t recommend rushing out to the slopes and just trying it. He says that getting to the point of being comfortable when he skis with Gary took lots of time. He also stated that the two of them had been hiking together for around three years and had built up a certain level of trust between them. So, he advises just going slow and really letting kitty adjust. In fact, the keyword going forward is definitely “patience”.

Not Like Training Dogs

James says that training your cat isn’t the same as training your dog because cats are quite different. And, although they’re quite able to adapt, they need a little time and to set their own pace. In spite of the fact that there aren’t very many skiing cats, plenty of hikers take their cats with them when they hike. He feels that it’s quickly becoming a much more common occurrence as everybody sees what can be made possible. Many of them have cats and want to take them along when they travel.

James Offers More Kitty Advice

One thing that James is fervent about is reminding pet parents about keeping their pets on a leash, especially when they go to the park. He says that it’s not only better for your pets but better for the local wildlife as well. And, he also stated that, if he can put his smart little kitty on a leash, then dogs should be wearing one too. James says that Gary loves their adventures together and that he works hard at ensuring that he’s always completely comfortable and happy. He also revealed that he introduces Gary to any new activity very slowly, so that he has plenty of time for adjusting to them. He added that he’s kind of created a monster since Gary sits by the door meowing when he doesn’t take him out often enough. So, armed with James’ great kitty advice, you might want to teach your kitty to be an adventurer, too. Just be sure to go slow and keep him or her on a leash at all times when at the park or anywhere else outdoors and away from home.

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