Cat Injured in Fire Gets a New Home From a Firefighter

A fire broke out in an apartment in Paterson, New Jersey on March 7, 2021. Firefighters pulled a man and his daughter from the home but there was one more resident left behind. The remaining apartment resident was Mr. Woo and he was still trapped in the building. He was hiding under a bed. The helpless feline was too afraid to come out and run from the danger of the apartment complex blaze. A Paterson firefighter found and rescued him, and here is the rest of the story. North Jersey shared the harrowing tale that had a happy ending after all. A feline was pulled from the blaze along with 18 people who were living in the complex at the time that the fire broke out. When the cat was retrieved hews lethargic and dehydrated. his paws were the color purple and the cat was covered with soot and smoke. Michael Sherer noticed that the cat had a crackling and wheezing sound coming from his lungs due to too much smoke inhalation. The cat wouldn’t use the litter box, eat, or drink after his horrifying experience. There was nobody around who claimed the cat and there wasn’t anyone willing to adopt him, so Scheerer accepted the job of the pet parent. Since Mr. Woo’s family was displaced from the fire, he was released to the firefighter who was concerned about his odds of survival.

The cat recovered from his injuries

When the crew arrived back at the fire station, there was one more along with them. Scherer brought the cat back with him. He decided to take the cat home, but he was worried because the animal kept falling asleep and he wouldn’t move. Scherer took him to a vet to have him examined. Tests were run and they showed that aside from smoke inhalation there was no other damage. The cat was given steroids and oxygen. After a few treatments, the cat was back on its feet again and is fitting in well to his new home and family. The firefighter changed his name from Mr. Woo to Smokey which seems to be more fitting.

The need for more cat adoptions

Purrfect Pals is an organization in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. The organization is an animal rescue shelter that has set its priorities for saving every cat that comes through its doors, regardless of age or health condition. The group prefers to call their senior cats the vintage models and they work just s hard to find homes for them as they do any of the other animals in their care. Some cats come to the shelter with severe medical needs including chronic illnesses and behavioral challenges. Purrfect Pals provides rehabilitation services for cats with behavioral disorders and they seek to make every animal at the shelter adoption ready. The shelter also places cats in a long-term foster home with the end goal of finding forever homes for every cat. The shelter is set up to be a sanctuary that houses more than 140 cats.

Purrfect Pals has the same philosophy about the importance of every single feline life that we saw in Firefighter Scherer when he took Mr. Woo into his home. There is a need for more adoptive families for these special pets who are hard to place. Most people adopt kittens, but there are other cats in need of a home. Many people prefer kittens because they are cute and can grow with the family, but they may be missing out on some wonderful pets in the adult cats who have gone through rehabilitation. These animals have amazing personalities and they’re waiting for their forever homes. Giving them a chance can change your life forever.

Purrfect Pals isn’t the only shelter that provides rehabilitation services. There are others throughout the nation. They’re run by people who love cats and believe that the life of every single cat is important. Most of these organizations also provide spay and neuter vouchers with each adoption. The cats that are eligible for adoption have received all their current vaccinations and are ready for adoption into loving homes. They’ve also received medical screening and have gone through a period of socialization to ensure that they are ready for their new homes. These shelters are transparent about any special needs that the cats they offer for adoption may have so there is no need to worry about what you’re getting yourself into when you adopt one of the animals from their facilities. If there are special medical or emotional needs, you will know about them all. This can help to alleviate concerns about what to expect from an adult cat.

Final thoughts

Like with some people, cats that have been through trauma from being out on the streets, or abandoned by their original owners all have a story, like Mr. Woo. Hard times can help to build character. Cats that have been taken into shelters, like Purrfect Pals and others like them, undergo necessary medical and psychological screenings. They receive the attention and care they need from medical and behavioral specialists and many have spent time in foster care families while waiting for their forever homes. If you’re considering the adoption of a cat, perhaps there is room in your heart for a cat that has seen rough times but has come through them intact and more experienced in life’s ups and downs. Kittens are cute and cuddly, but adult cats also have a lot of love to share with their forever families. There are other benefits to adopting an adult cat from a shelter. They are already house trained and this can save you a lot of effort and frustration. Stop by one of your local shelters and at least meet a few of these amazing animals. You might form an instant bond with a cat you meet. You may just find a new best friend in the end.

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