How to Get Rid of Ear Mites in Cats

Ear Mites

One of the most common ailments that felines suffer from is ear mites.  This nasty little problem can really have a huge impact on your pet’s health. Many people may not know this but these little bugs can actually cause permanent deafness if the problem goes untreated.  So if your animal comes down with this parasite, you should have them checked by a Vet right away.  Today we are going to learn How to Get Rid of Ear Mites in Cats.  So if your animal is facing this problem make sure to pay close attention.

Many people might think that this problem will go away by simply bathing the animal. But these nasty little creatures have the strong ability to hold on because they often burry themselves deep inside the ear which makes it very hard to remove them.  They will often cause buildup in the ears that has to be cleaned and you will need someone to help you hold the animal.  If your animal has a buildup make sure to get a Vet approved cleanser and carefully apply it to the ears with a cotton swab.  Be very gentle when performing this operation so you don’t harm the animal accidentally.  This will probably require the other person to hold the animal on top of a bed or table.

Your Vet will probably give you medicated drops to apply to the infected areas of your pet.  After properly cleaning out any buildup, apply the drops as directed by the label.  Often times this give your pet instant relief from the painful itching but it may burn a little. Don’t be alarmed if your animal shakes its head wildly because this is a common reaction.  Depending on the severity of the infestation, your Vet might also prescribe and anti-biotic to help the animal recover faster.  This will likely have to be given daily for a few days or weeks.  By following these simple guidelines your pet will be good as new in a few weeks.  But remember to clean all beddings and carpets that your pet has come into contact with because these parasites can hide in them causing your animal to become infected all over again. Also, if you have other animals in the home make sure to keep them away from the infected pet until they are fully recovered.

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