Here’s How to Make a Cat Proof Christmas Tree

Cat Christmas tree

Celebrating Christmas is not complete without a Christmas tree for a lot of people around the world, especially to Christians. The most common tree used is Cedar but some use plastic trees for convenience. No matter what you use, the tree will always come out attractive to our eyes. The sparkling and colorful ornaments we put on it also attract curious kids and cats, which can lead to some damage of the tree and sometimes a total tree disaster. Any cat lovers know what I am talking about. A solution to this problem is to make a cat proof tree. So worry no more because I will share some tips on how to make a Cat Proof Christmas Tree that is similar to the one on the video below.

You will need:

  1. 10 cardboard boxes (at least)
  2. Cat toy decorations
  3. Christmas gift wrapping paper
  4. Tape
  5. Catnip
  6. Christmas tree skirt

Wrap all the cardboard boxes with the wrapping wrapper. Make a hole on some of the boxes so that your feline friend will have a few places to go into like a mini cave. This is something that any cats love. After that, arrange the boxes in layers and don’t forget to put the ones with holes on the third layer, or in any layer you prefer to put it. Next, put the cat toy decorations like a mouse toy and the catnip. Then put the tree skirt at the foot or bottom of your Cat Proof Christmas tree box.

Once your tree is done, you can let your cat lose and let her or him explore and play on the tree just like the felines on the video. As you can see, the two cats on the video were having fun climbing up and down the tree. They also got very curious and checked out the boxes’ holes. I think they thought that they are great places to hide. Even though the cats climbed up and down the tree a lot of times, it didn’t damaged.

This kind of tree is really perfect for cats because they love boxes. Plus, the tree decorations are all safe and cat-friendly. I hope this will solve Christmas tree dilemma of cat lovers around the world.

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