Herman the Cat with Cerebellar Hypoplasia: A Source of Inspiration


Herman the Cat is a very special animal. He is unique for several reasons, including his health, personality, and his snaggle tooth. Given how difficult it can be to find homes for cats with special needs, it was great news to find that this ginger tabby had been adopted from Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue located in Burbank. A woman named Patsy Lethore-Larson is now Herman’s owner.

What is most interesting about Herman is how he has persevered through the many trials of his life to become a loving cat with a cool confidence. Most notably, he suffers from cerebellar hypoplasia, which is a neurological disorder with several harsh effects on the body. This includes tremors and an inability to walk. As well, his appearance has separated him from other cats and made it difficult to find friends.

However, Herman is not one to be defeated by life’s challenges. Instead, he has risen to meet these obstacles and overcome them. While this ability is mostly due to his level-headedness and courage, his family has also given him a great deal of support. They help him stay entertained by ensuring that he is always around other people, as he cannot move from room to room easily. However, they do not coddle him. Patsy believes that even cats with special needs should be encouraged to fight through their issues when possible, so she gives Herman respect rather than pity.

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As well, Herman has managed to overcome his social issues. While many cats avoided him due to his condition and appearance, Herman has learned that forging fewer relationships that are stronger is just as good, or better, than having many superficial friendships. For this reason, he is quite close to a cat named Bear. Bear, too, struggles with cerebellar hypoplasia.

Perhaps most impressively, Herman is active in the political arena. He has political aspirations that are centered on key issues like catnip. As well, he uses his large social media platform to increase awareness about animal rights. His dedication to this important cause, coupled with his popularity on social media, means that Herman is making a difference in the world. His Facebook page is called Herman’s Hangout, and is quite popular.

Animals are inspiring for many reasons. They can be incredibly courageous, loyal, and protective. Cats like Herman are particularly inspiring. Herman has managed to endure a great deal of health and social issues and emerge stronger for it. He is a cat that most would turn away, even though he is just as loving and kind as any other. Patsy has praised his cool and indomitable spirit in particular as a source of inspiration.

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It is important not to rush to conclusions when considering an animal for adoption. Even animals who suffer from a wide range of serious conditions often are able to become a life-changing presence in the home. Herman is evidence of that, as his family is much happier and more loving thanks to him. In addition, he is very popular on social media, which enables him and his family to raise awareness of important issues like animal rights. In a time when many people are upset with the political scene, perhaps it would be best to learn from animals like Herman.

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