Geologist Adopts Kitten Out On the Field and the Pics Are Amazing

While some people buy their cats from a breeder and others adopt a cat looking for a forever home from a shelter, there are other cat owners who have acquired a cat in more unusual circumstances. An example of this is the geologist who found a furry kitten while out working in the field, and he now has his own super cute feline friend. According to Cheezburger, a geologist called Tony was working in a remote area. After leaving the camp one morning, he could hear a faint meow. When he turned around, he saw a small, black, fluffy kitten approaching.  After he called ‘Kitty!’, the little kitten followed Tony and then began to climb up his leg. Tony described how the sight of the little cat running on its short legs had made him laugh. He sat down and the kitten settled on his lap, where he promptly fell asleep.

Next, the kitten wanted to explore his new human friend a little further, so he climbed up onto Tony’s shoulder. The cat decided that this was a good place for his nap, so he nuzzled into Tony’s neck and cuddled up for a quick sleep.  Tony thought the kitten was really cute, so he took a photograph and posted it on his Facebook page. He introduced the kitten to his followers as Spud, the name he had chosen for the cat. In his post, Tony described himself as being chosen by the kitten, and he said that the cat was now having a sleep in his field lab after he had fed it and given it some water.  He had gone to the local store for the cat food and some kitty litter almost as soon as he had found the kitten. While he was gone, his team loved after Spud as they were just as smitten with him as Tony. Spud had already been given his own space in the lab to sleep on a pillow on a spare chair behind where Tony sits for his work.

Tony’s Facebook post soon went viral as they loved the picture of the burly, bearded geologist sitting with the tiny kitten. People soon began asking for updates about Tony and Spud’s budding friendship. They wanted to know how things turned out for the pair because Spud had turned up in such a remote area that he only had Tony to whom he could turn.  In fact, the kitten’s appearance in the area was a little strange. There was nowhere that could have been his home as there were just miles of farmland around. It seemed bizarre that such a young kitten could have reached the remote area alone.  The area in which Spud was found was what inspired his name. Tony explained to Love Meow that when the geologists were digging in virgin areas, they could the area Spud. This seemed the perfect name for the kitten as he was found in a work camp for drillers.

Those whose attention was caught by Tony’s Facebook post needn’t have worried. Tony took good care of his new charge, and Spud would even sleep snuggled into Tony’s beard. He also follows Tony wherever he goes, and the geologist has described the kitten as his little shadow. Every time he leaves the lab, Spud is not far behind. When he returns, Spud gets straight onto his rescuer’s lap.  Spud is also being well-fed by Tony and his team. In fact, Tony said that watching Spud eat was like seeing a cat eat that had never seen food before. No doubt this is giving the kitten lots of energy and helping him to build up his strength.

In the days following finding Spud, Tony wasn’t returning home and needed to remain in the field. This meant that he needed to create a temporary sleeping place for Spud before he could take him home and give him a permanent place to sleep. To the pillow on the spare chair, he added one of his shirts and a blanket to make sure Spud was nice and cozy. Before they left, it took almost two hours for everyone to say their goodbyes as they didn’t want Spud to leave without wishing him well.

Since then, things have got even better for young Spud as Tony has now returned home and introduced Spud to the place he will now live. One of the first things that Tony did was to give Spud his first bath. Although many cats don’t like the water, Spud didn’t seem to mind at all. As soon as he was clean, Spud explored his new environment before finding himself a spot by the window where he could settle down for a bit of bird spotting. Now Spud is completely settled in his forever home with Tony, who has continued to take pics of Spud and post them online to keep people updated with his progress. Finding cats in remote areas is not as unusual as you would think. However, in most cases, it is because they have been dumped and abandoned by their owners. For example, the Sleaford Standard reports that 30 cats were found dumped in a remote area in Lincolnshire, England.

These cats were found on separate days, with initial reports of 17 rescued cats with two missing in need of medical care. The following day, three more cats were rescued, and five cats were found dead. More cats were then discovered, bringing the total to 30. Many people in the surrounding area began ringing the local rescue center believing that their missing cat could possibly be amongst those found. However, it is believed that all 30 cats came from the same household and were abandoned by just one person. None of the cats were microchipped or neutered, and some needed medical attention. Donations have flooded in from worried locals, and the rescue center is now looking for people to adopt the surviving cats. Hopefully, the abandoned cats there were found in a remote area will get a happy ending like Spud and find a forever home.

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