How To Stop Your Cat From Chewing On Your Feet

Cats are among the most popular pets, and many appreciate their cute presence. They are good companions and also repel household pests such as rodents and snakes. One thing that makes cats lovable as house animals is their unique character. They love attention, though at times they may seem to be grumpy. All in all, you cannot ignore the fact that they are adorable.

They have a unique way of communicating with their owners, the most common being their soft purrs. Some, however, take their attention-seeking exploits to an extreme level, and they will resort to chewing on your feet. While munching on your feet may seem cute, with time, it may get annoying. You also risk injuries, should the cat decide to be more aggressive.

It is a behavior that you should train your cat to stop before it becomes a nuisance. We are going to look at how to prevent your cat from chewing on your feet in this article. However, before we show you how to control the behavior, let us look at some of the reasons why your cat chews on your feet.

1. Its Playtime

According to Kittyclysm, one of the reasons why your cat will eat on your feet is that it wants some playtime. Cats are exceptionally playful, more so kittens, and once they get used to you, they would want some ample play session with you. A moment of fun helps the fuzzy animal buddies be active and release some tension, which is good for their health.

2. Marking Their Territory

Cats are very territorial like their wild cousins, such as the tiger, lion, and leopard. When it comes to the domesticated felines, they resort to mild ways of marking their territories, like rubbing on your feet and other items around, such as chairs and tables. Occasionally, they may chew on you as a way of establishing their presence in the household.

3. You Are A Threat

Your domestic cat has a wild side, and it may once a while show it by attacking. It may see your moving foot as a probable attacker, and it will fight back. In this case, the chewing may go overboard to a full-fledged bite, which can be severe. It is a common occurrence with new cats, especially the ones not used to being around humans.

Here are some of the ways on how to stop your cat from chewing on your feet.

Train Your Cat To Refrain From This Behavior

According to Hartz, training your cat is an ideal way to stop your cat from sinking its teeth to your feet. The best time is when the cat is young as it can quickly grasp the lessons you impart. You need to understand why your feline pal bites your feet to come up with a proper training module. The common reason is that it wants your response, maybe to play, go out, or have some food. Once you know what the biting hints, start a reward training program where you give it what it wants if it refrains from biting. Training is one of the best ways as it also improves your cat’s obedience. When training your cat, you should consider getting a cat professional to prevent it from running away should the lessons get too hard.

Offer It A Suitable Chewing Toy

Your feline is a carnivore, and one way that most carnivores play is by biting. Your feet may be the perfect chew toy because your foot moves, and it is not hard on its teeth. You may bring up another toy to outcompete the attention your foot gets and get relief from the severe show of affection from your animal roommate. A moving toy is the best way to draw its attention, such as a ball.

Try To Establish A Different Way Of Communication

As earlier hinted, when your cat nibbles on your feet, it may be one way of trying to communicate to you. While it may be a cute way to communicate with you, it is dangerous, especially if it decides to become aggressive. You need to come up with another mode of communication, which you may establish through training. When it chews on your foot, try to act angry so that it notices it does not get what it wants through this means.

Try To Keep It Off Your Foot

You may try to kick this behavior from your kitty by putting on some boots. Not by literally kicking it, but by covering the area that the cats love most. A shoe is sturdy, and after a few attempts of sinking its teeth to the shoe’s surface, it will give up. Wear shoes for like a week, where your cute fuzzy friend will test its limits until it gives up on your foot. Ensure it does not go to another person’s foot in your household as all your efforts may go to waste.

Have Ample Playtime

Finally, create sufficient leisure for you and your kitty to offer it some distraction from your foot. Having a fulfilling game time will teach your cat some independence, and it will stop chewing on your limbs as a way of initiating playtime. It also provides an excellent time for the two of you to bond.

Closing Word

Having a cat in your household is very fulfilling; that is if you are a cat person and do not have fur allergies. It is an excellent pet that provides you with company as well as deters away rats and mice. Its attention-seeking behavior may present itself through sinking its teeth in your feet. It may seem ticklish, but with time, it may become annoying, especially if it goes wild on your leg. The above content is of great help, if you want to know how to stop your cat from chewing on your feet.

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