Human Foods That Are Toxic to Cats


While it may be tempting to give your feline a treat or two of human food, that isn’t the best idea for the most part. There are several things that can be dangerous for cats, and unfortunately majority of that list are things that your kitty may try to consume. Before you give your feline a tasty treat like tuna or candy, think twice and don’t do it!

Here are six human foods that are toxic to cats:


Just like their canine counterparts, chocolate is an obvious no-no for our feline friends.

Onions and other spices

Onions and others in their similar family – leeks, garlic, shallots, etc – are bad news for your cat because they contain a substance called that N-propyl disulfide which destroys a feline’s red blood cells and causes anemia.


Cats shouldn’t even be eating a ton of tuna cat food, but don’t even think about giving them human canned tuna – it can be toxic. It doesn’t have all the nutrients a cat needs in its diet, and with raw tuna, like many raw fish, it contains enzymes that can ruin your cat’s neurological health, causing seizures or coma.


Scientists don’t even really know what it is about these purple and green fruit that harms cats, but grapes and even raisins can cause major damage to felines. Even a small amount can make a cat sick, and if a cat eats a good amount of these bad boys, it can lead to kidney failure for your beloved kitty.

Candy and gum
While they are super-tasty, beware of candy: they contain artificial sweetener xylitol, which can cause a major dip in your kitty’s blood sugar and can even lead to liver failure, and symptoms of poisoning include vomiting and seizures.

Alcoholic beverages

Not only are you trying to avoid your cat from becoming a lush, alcohol has the same effect on cats’ livers as it does on ours. Even just two tablespoons of hard alcohol like whiskey or vodka can put a five-pound feline into a coma.


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