Why It’s Important To Find The Right Ocicat Breeder


Ocicats cats are some of the most exotic looking domesticated felines you will ever find.  But these docile animals don’t come from the wilds of the African savannah like some may think.  Instead they are a mixture of Abyssinians, Siamese and American Shorthairs.  Both child friendly and great around other pets, the Ocicats are really loving animals. While these animals are more common than they used to be, finding the right breeder can still be difficult.  With the popularity of these animals growing every year, more and more breeders are trying to cash in.  But just like everything else in life that involves money some of these breeders only care about their financial gain.

So How to Find the Right Ocicat Breeder

Just like any other cat breed, finding the right Ocicat Breeder will ensure you that you will be getting a healthy and happy animal.  Below we are going to go over some guidelines that you should always follow when choosing the right Ocicat Breeder.

Ask To See The Facilities

A trust worthy breeder is a great asset.  But unfortunately, sometimes you will run into one that is only in it for the money.  A great way to make sure that the animals are being treated right is to ask to tour their facilities.  Any reputable breeder would be happy to show you where they keep their animals.

Ask For Paper Work

When looking for a purebred Ocicat you are going to need proof that your animal comes from two purebred parents.  No matter if you plan on breeding your animal or not, having the paper work means your animal comes from good bloodlines.

Ask About Their Warranty Policy

While you might not want to think about it but sometimes the unthinkable happens, and you lose that adorable kitten you just purchased due to disease or other health issues.  In order to make sure you are completely protected from the loss, ask your Ocicat Breeder before purchasing your kitten if they will replace the animal if something goes wrong. A good breeder will give you warranty on the animal for at least 30 days after purchase.

Ask For References

If the Ocicat Breeder you chose has been in business for a long time they should have a lot of happy customers to back up there animals.  So make sure to ask for a few references before making the final purchase.  Remember to contact these references and ask them about how their experience was dealing with the breeder in question.

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