Is This the World’s Saddest Looking Cat?

Sad Cat

One person once said that maybe God wanted us to imagine what it would feel like to pet a tiger by allowing us to pet cats. Whether true or not, we must admit that cats are among the most adorable creatures. Just like anything that has feelings, the felines are also bound to be sad, but that does not necessarily mean it shows on their faces. Sometimes, it is just their faces, and we get to thinking about what could be wrong for them to wear such melancholic faces. That was the case of one woman in Belgium who saw the saddest looking cat as detailed below.

Looks are deceiving

The Dodo recounts the story of how Floriane Lavellan came across the saddest looking cat. Floriane, alongside her mother, was taking a stroll in a quiet suburban neighborhood when suddenly a chubby orange cat came into her view. The cat was on a private garden and all by himself, and it must have struck Floriane that the cat was lonely and sad. After all, even Celine Dion was adamant about not wanting to be by herself in “All by myself.” We know cats are likened to introverts who always want to be by themselves and only allow someone in their space for a while. However, Floriane felt that a cat should not be all alone.

She, therefore, took a second look to confirm, and to her surprise, her eyes had not cheated her. There in the garden was a cat who looked bummed out. Instead of running away, the cat sat there looking at Floriane, and her mom with the saddest look plastered on his face. Upon a closer look, Floriane realized the cat was not sad since he was chubby, indicating he was well-fed. Maybe the cat wanted some time alone. When Floriane and her mother closed in on him trying to pet him, the cat walked away, leaving Floriane with only a few pictures she had managed to capture. Still, the photos are not enough for Floriane. She hopes to see him soon so she can pet him and let him know that everything will be okay. However, by all indications, everything is fine; it is just his face.

Is it the world’s saddest looking cat?

In 2017, one cat was flaunted in the internet as the saddest looking cat. The cat, BenBen, was spending his last days at a shelter after he was found looking like he had survived an attack from a big animal. As Bored Panda reported, BenBen had suffered a crushed spine, lacerations, and the excess skin on his face made him look like he was always sad. Unfortunately, on top of going through the pain in his body, BenBen was going to be euthanized since no one wanted to adopt him. He could feel the rejection and even gave up on life, too; he stopped eating or drinking.

As if to answer the prayers of a desperate cat, one ER vet clinic worker heard about BenBen and wanted to adopt him. Luckily for BenBen, the papers were completed a day before he was to be put down. Immediately he arrived at the kind woman’s home, all he could do was portray his gratitude with endless cuddles and purrs. For a cat that was ready to die and whom vets said could never walk again, BenBen exceeded their expectations by jumping small distances. Although his face still looks sad from the excess skin, his behavior shows how happy he is with his human. He even began feeding and put on some weight.

Then there was Luhu

Even human beings have people who stand out from the rest, either in a good or bad way. Usually, those that bring disgrace to the family are referred to as the black sheep, but that was not the case of one cat. She cannot be described as a disgrace but rather as a unique animal. Although she has other siblings, Luhu is the only one who was born with a sad-looking face. From the pictures posted on Sad and Useless, you can almost see the tears in her eyes that never seem to stream down her face. Despite also being dubbed the saddest looking cat in the world two years ago, the sad expression has enabled her to become a popular animal on Instagram. Her Instagram account has amassed over 135k followers.

Does it only happen to cats?

Luhu, BenBen, and the chubby cat are not the only ones that have been dubbed the saddest looking animals in the world. In 2015, one dog, Lana the Labrador, hit the internet as the saddest dog in the world. Even animals have their self-esteem affected by constant rejection. Lana had been taken in by a foster family, but they rejected her because Lana snapped at her owner. She wound up in a kennel where the picture of her sitting depressed a corner circulated over the internet, touching the hearts of millions. Lana was disappointed with the outcome and refused to go on walks or move from that spot. She later found a new owner. According to Daily Mail, Lana was taken in by a new family after $15,000 donations were spent in catering for her care. As if born with the rejection curse, the second family got tired of her after only two months, and Lana found herself in a kennel again.

On May 12, 2017, Rescue Dogs Match reported that Lana got a new foster home and would be enrolled in a new training program. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel because she was adopted only a week before she was due for eviction from the overcrowded kennel. Well, thrice is a charm; Lana’s birthday was May 14, and she found her forever home two days earlier. Still, it is good to note that it is not that no one wanted her. Chances of her adoption had significantly been reduced by the requirement to have a foster family from Canada only.

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