Japanese Company Adopts Nine Office Cats to Increase Workplace Productivity

One company in Tokyo, Japan has made a change to how it operates its business. Ferray Corporation is an Internet solutions company that, although the details of what exactly the company does, there is one thing that is clear about the office, and that it has nine cats that now call the office, their home.

All nine cats are rescue cats and the company decided to adopt them to give them their forever home among the employees of the company and other office equipment; computers, copiers, fax machines, and phones. The idea stemmed from the idea to try to boost the staffers’ productivity and their level of happiness while at work. The company knows that it is hard to have cats as pets in the city due to the lack of space and many apartments refusing renters to have pets, so for those who want to get their kitty-fix, they often have to go elsewhere, such as a cat café.

According to RocketNews24, Ferray Corporation has reported that there has been a noticeable change in the moral and communication among the employees in the office. Everyone loves having the cats around and everyone has been gushing over them, including the boss. All of the attention and love over the cats brings the employees together, they talk and interact more while loving on the cats together.

Employees have reported that they have felt a significant decrease in their stress level since the cats came to the office. They have a calming affect and since they are always up for cuddle-time, this means the employees have a consistent de-stress mechanism present.

While cats are notorious for walking on computers, jumping on desks, maybe a little chewing on cords, and meowing while on the phone, the employees assure that these are small things to deal compared to what the cats give back. The office is equipped with cat beds, snacks, food, toys, and litterboxes throughout the office to help keep them happy.

Ferray Corporation has extended an even bigger incentive for its employees to help cats find their forever home. They have offered to pay an added bonus of $42 a month to any employee who adopts a cat. They also encourage workers to bring their own pet to work, if they have one. The cats have had such a positive impact on the company’s productivity level and employees’ happiness, that the company wants to help encourage the positive changes.


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