Kitten with Adorable “Mustache” Picks New Parents

They say we do not own cats; they own us. Sometimes, they even get to choose who is worthy of that honor, as was seen when a kitten with adorable ‘mustache’ picked her new parents. Cats are known to be very complicated creatures; one minute, you are striking their fur, and they are purring to encourage you, and the next, you touch them, and they will growl at you. Regardless of our lack of understanding of them, we cannot wait to have them home with us, so if a cat selects you to be his parent, he must see something special in you. Here is the story of Gringo and how he picked his new parents.

Gringo uses cuddles to woe a couple into adopting her

Sabrine and Romain wanted to expand their family by getting Milko, their four-year-old feline baby, a sibling. Therefore they went online and came across Les pattounes du Coeur, a French rescue organization. There, the cute pictures of various cats called on to them to visit the shelter, but they were still worried about how Milko would react to a new sibling. When the couple walked into the shelter, they were lost for choice, but one cat helped to make their decision much easier for them. Before they could pick any cat to adopt, Gringo walked up to them and showered them with cuddles and continuous purring when Romain attempted to see if they could have a connection. At that moment, Romain felt that the cat was saying he had picked them to be his forever parents.

The couple soon had their worries settled when they took Gringo, the then three-month-old kitten, home, and he started showing Milko different ways to get into mischief. Soon, Sabrine and Romain discovered how playful Gringo since he could not sit still; he is always jumping around day and night, playing with curtains and scratching the couch. His cheeky nature also makes him sniff at plates as he wonders if whatever is on them is worthy of his palate while the kitchen sponge has to remain hidden since to him, it is a chewy toy. Gringo is also persistent, so if he wants something, then he will push until he gets it. Regardless of the trouble he stirs up, the cat knows how to warm up to his humans. One way he does so is through holding a meerkat position that Sabrine finds hilarious.

While you may only be learning of Gringo today, he has been an internet sensation for some time now. In June 2019, Relieved reported that the adorable cat had gone viral. His parents created two separate Instagram accounts for him, and his brother and Gringo’s popularity rose. His followers hit 60,000, but the account was hacked, and they had to start from scratch. Luckily, his cuteness is not one to be ignored; hence, he has managed to accumulate 74.8k followers from the 318 posts he has made so far. As the story about him continues to circulate, we can expect the number to keep rising as more people fall in love with Gringo and his antics.

Another mustached kitten finds a forever home

Donation bins are supposed to be for clothing and shoes, but you would be surprised to learn that some people can be heartless enough to abandon an animal in them too. Sally Ann was discarded in a donation bin, and she would have died had the Fresno Salvation Army staff not heard the faint cries from inside the bin. Since they did not know how long she had been in the bin, she was quickly rushed to The Cat House on The Kings, where the necessary vet work including vaccinations, microchipping, tests and spaying was done. Her unique look of a black mustache made the staff at the shelter feel it would be easy for Sally Ann to find her perfect home once she recovered from the spay surgery. As reported by FamilyPet, the feline looked like she would be the next internet sensation or at least a movie star.

The shelter volunteers were right because immediately Sue and Mike Salvador saw Sally Ann on the news, they felt she was the right cat for them. It was at the nick of time because with Fresno having the highest kill rate in the United States, Sally Ann was at high risk of being euthanized. Besides the fact she was dirty and starving when the shelter found her would have made Sally an easy target for the killing. Fortunately, Sue and Mike promised to provide her with a loving home; therefore, even if she does not become a movie star, she will have to settle for comparison to Tom Selleck.

Cats discriminated against because of their ‘mustache’

Unlike in the cases of Sally Ann and Gringo whose ‘mustaches’ drew people to adopt them, other felines have not been so lucky. Instead of their unique markings, helping them find a forever home, they only pushed them further away from that dream. In 2011, a six-week-old cat was found abandoned by the roadside. She was taken to Wood Green Shelter in Godmanchester, where staff immediately noticed that she looked like Adolf Hitler; hence they named her Kitler. Although they did not know the exact reason why Kitler was abandoned, they speculated that it most likely was because the owner did not want her, or could no longer look after her. Despite nursing the feline back to health, none of the prospective pet owners who visited the shelter were interested in adopting her.

Daily Star published a similar article of a cat that resembled Adolf Hitler; she was six months old and was found roaming around Bodelwyddan. The feline was taken to North Clwyd Animal Rescue in Flintshire, and as soon as she arrived at the shelter, the staff started calling her Hitler. However, they changed the name to Kitler, but the feline was still afraid that she would be abandoned again; hence she kept to herself. Nicky Owen, the rescue center spokesperson, said although all that Kitler needed was love, chances of her ever finding a forever home were slim because of her looks. Hardly any pet owners would like to have a Hitler-look alike in their home.

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