How Do you Know it’s Time To Give Your Cat a Bath?

Cat in bath

When it comes to our feline friends, bath time isn’t something that either we or the animals look forward to.  There is often a struggle between man and beast when this subject arises.  But there are some things that can be done to make it easier for you and your cat.

Knowing When to Give Your Cat a Bath is Important

Because cats can clean themselves naturally, you shouldn’t over bath your animal.  Felines are some of the cleanest animals known to mankind and they bath themselves more than a few times daily.  That’s why there is really no need to give them a bath each and every week.  While some show cats take regular baths, you can probably get away with giving your feline friend a bath once a month without issue.

Use the Bathtub Instead of the Sink to Wash Your Pet

While it might be tempting to stand up and give your kitty a bath in the sink, it’s probably not a wise decision. Unless your animal simply loves water and is very calm around it, you might be putting them at risk by using the sink.  A scared and nervous animal might slip out of your hand and fall on the floor. Cats may be notorious for being sturdy but a sudden fall could injure them bad.

Brush Your Feline Before it gets In the Water

By brushing your pet before you put them into the water, you can remove a lot of shedding hair and even some dirt.  This will make the bathing process much quicker and you will only need to use less soap.  Brushing may also help to calm your cat down before they have to get into the bath.

Make Sure To Properly Dry Your Pet

While it may be tempting to break out the hairdryer, this might startle your pet and cause injury to either you or the animal.  Instead use a large towel and carefully dry off the animal slowly while holding it in your arms.  This is a great way to insure your cat is fully dry without having any issues.

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