Five Tips For Those Living with Cat Allergies


Many of us who have cats have learned the hard way that we are allergic to them.  But instead of giving your feline friend away, there are some things you can do to help ease your suffering.

  1. Replace your soft furniture with more firmer pieces. This will help you be able to better clean the surfaces and remove any dander that might be hidden.  Soft furniture are magnets for dander, so you should avoid them at all costs. Sofas are the number one soft furniture that you should avoid and replace.
  2. When you feel a sneezing fit coming one, take Non-drowsy antihistamines. This will help ease the symptoms, making your cat enjoyable to be around.  But remember to always consult your doctor before taking any medications.  These can be purchased over the counter, but your doctor may want to prescribe you something else instead.
  3. Make sure to always wash your hands after petting your kitty. This will help remove any saliva that may be on your hands and prevent it from getting into your nose.  Makes sure to wash them with soap and water, instead of using hand sanitizer.
  4. Buy a high quality air filer and have it installed in your home. This will help clean the air and remove most allergies.  This is also a great way to have clean air for the entire family to breathe, including your pets.  You can purchase individual units for each room or have a professional install a whole house filtration system.
  5. If you have carpet in your home, replace it with hardwood or laminate. Carpet was once cool in the 70’s, but now many people know that it can be a trap for any small particles, including allergens.  While this might be a costly move, it will insure that you and your family aren’t living with things that make you sick.  If you have rugs, make sure to have them cleaned at least once a month to get rid of any particles.

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