What does it Mean if My Cat is Sneezing Blood?


It is a scary thing to see your cat sneezing out blood.  There are quite a few things that can cause your feline to have bloody sneezing.  Although most of it are not serious, a trip to the vet is still very important to determine the real cause of your cat’s condition.

What are the Common Causes of Sneezing Clood in cats?

A blockage in the cat’s nasal passages – When a particle of food, a blade of grass or a string gets caught in the cat’s nasal passages, it may come out on its own through sneezing accompanied with blood.  It is not a serious condition.  But if after a few hours your cat is still sneezing with some blood, call the vet so that he/she can remove the blockage as soon as possible.

Cold, allergies or bacterial infection – If you notice your cat is showing symptoms of colds like eye and nasal discharged, coughing and loss of appetite take your kitty to the vet to get checked and the right medication.  If they sneeze with blood, it’s probably because of a buildup nasal fluid.

On the Other hand, allergies can also cause sneezing blood in cats.  This usually happens suddenly especially if the weather changes or if you are doing any changes in your house.  Take your feline to the vet to get the antihistamines that he/she needs to get better.

Dental problems – Some dental infections like an abcessed tooth can also cause bloody sneezing in cats because it can infect the nasal region which can lead to sneezing.

Serious Causes of Sneezing Blood in Cats

In some cases, sneezing blood in cats indicates a serious health problem.

Blood problems such as high blood pressure, anemia and blood clotting disorder – Aside from sneezing blood, you may also notice other symptoms in your cats like poor appetite, bloody stool or vomit and lack of energy.

Tumors – Facial and nasal tumors can cause your cat to sneeze blood.

In case your vet can’t find a blockage, infection and other common cause, additional tests such as urinalysis, MRI, Rhinoscopy and facial X-rays are done to determine the real cause of the problem.

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