Company is Making Mouse Meat Cat Treats Without Harming Animals

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Shannon Falconer and Joshua Errett have both been rescuing animals for a good portion of their adult lives. As such, they are true animal lovers who want to create a situation where all animals are protected, not just the cute and cuddly ones that people tend to fall in love with. As a matter of fact, they have just launched a new mouse flavored cat treat from a company called Because Animals. If that’s not enough to get your attention, think about this. They did it without harming a single mouse. Remember, it all comes back to taking care of all animals, not just the ones you usually want to adopt.

The Basics

What exactly is involved in creating a mouse flavored cat treat that doesn’t actually contain an ounce of mouse meat? As it turns out, it’s all about creating completely clean food that tastes good so cats want to eat it, without causing any harm to the cats or the mice. You might be asking yourself how they achieve the mouse flavored meat if there is no harm done to any mice whatsoever. In fact, you probably already figured out that in order for that to happen, at least part of this process has to be done in a lab. Traditionally, food that is created in a lab doesn’t exactly sound like the most indulgent thing in the world, nor does it sound particularly healthy. However, this company is completely different from anything that has ever come before it. To an extent, you would be correct in assuming that the food is created in a lab. However, it’s not done using some synthetic process that mimics the flavor of mouse meat. In fact, the treats are actually manufactured from cultured mouse cells. In essence, it’s like feeding your cat a mouse without actually hurting the mouse. It might be a bit hard to wrap your head around the idea of it all, but cats absolutely love it. Better yet, it’s healthier for your cat because they’re getting the flavor that they love, something that they are born to hunt, without the possibility of getting hold of a mouse that might have consumed rodenticide or be diseased. It really is like having the best of both worlds.

Getting Started

If the company is using real mouse cells to create food and no mice were harmed, how did they do it? Approximately two years ago, they took just three mice and pierced their ears, making sure to put them under a mild anesthetic to ensure that they felt no pain. From that point, they used the tissue from the ear piercings to duplicate additional cells from those stem cells. This in turn allows them to continuously produce more and more cells that can be used for treats. The end result is meat that is healthier and tastier for your cat. As it turns out, the employees that worked at the company even adopted the three mice that were used in the trials, all of them still alive and well today.

Healthier Food

One of the major benefits of developing treats in this manner is that food that is eventually produced is completely clean, meaning that it has no by-products, pesticides or even unhealthy fats. In short, all of the things that make eating certain foods so unhealthy with a traditional diet can largely be eliminated by eating in this manner. There have been companies that have done this in the past, but they all focused on food that was meant for human consumption. Up until now, no one has really placed the focus on the food consumed by pets. Any pet owner knows that a pet’s diet is just as important as the diet of any human. Without a solid diet that is healthy and nutritious, all kinds of health problems can persist, many of them at an early age. Eating a clean diet that doesn’t contain any of the potentially harmful chemicals included in processed foods can potentially eliminate those issues. The end result is a pet that feels better and lives longer with fewer health problems. That’s something that every pet owner wants. In reality, it’s rather surprising that it has taken this long for somebody to start working on producing clean food for animals as well as humans. The good news is that Because Animals produces food for both cats and dogs, so if you’ve been on a search for this type of food for your canine or feline friend, you don’t have to look any longer.

It Also Costs Less

Another potential benefit of using this type of food is that it doesn’t cost as much as a traditional diet. You might be thinking that this type of food would be two or even three times more expensive than what you’re already feeding your cat. However, these types of cells can be mass-produced from the original cells that were taken at the start of the project. That means that it is far more economical to safely produce treats based off of these cells. The end result is that it costs the consumer less money to purchase the food. At the end of the day, it makes it easier to eat healthier and feed your pet a healthier diet because you have better access to high-quality, healthy food that’s clean. The fact that you don’t have to spend as much money to purchase it is just icing on the cake. Every pet owner wants to do their level best for their pets, and that includes choosing the right food. Unfortunately, those same pet owners have been left with some difficult choices up until now. Feeding pets has largely revolved around feeding discount food that is of poor quality and often filled with potentially deadly contaminants, not to mention the fact that it offers virtually no nutritional value whatsoever. The other option is to spend the better part of your weekly paycheck on dog or cat food. The worst thing is that sometimes you spend all that money and end up getting something that really isn’t much better than the discount bag sitting right next to it. This is a chance to change all of that and give your pets the options that they deserve.

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