A Complete Price Guide for the Russian Blue

Russian Blue

Cat lovers are wild over the Russian Blue breed. It’s easy to understand why. We know these cats for their intelligence and classic attractiveness. They’re fun and beautiful animals that make exceptional house pets. If you’re interested in finding a purebred Russian Blue, there are a few things that you need to know about them.

The first is that they’re expensive. You can expect to make an initial outlay of at least $700 for a registered Russian Blue, with prices going higher for cats of high-quality and championship bloodlines. The expenses continue for maintenance. To help you get an idea of the costs involving a Russian Blue, here is everything you need to know in our price guide for the Russian Blue.

How much does it cost to buy a Russian Blue?

According to Cat Breeds List, the average cost of a Russian Blue kitten is between $800 to $1,200 for a kitten that is purebred, registered, but not of champion bloodlines. These are healthy kittens and of good quality, but they are most suitable as house pets. These are the cats that are not born with outstanding features for the established breed standards.

Pedigreed Russian Blue kittens

Russian Blue kittens raised by famous breeding farms with exceptional pedigrees will cost more. The price also goes up when a Russian Blue is born with outstanding features such as variations in eye colors and exquisite feather features. These animals often cost $1,500 to $3,000. The reputation and experience of the breeder also affect the prices fetched for these kittens.

Tips for getting a value for the quality of a Russian Blue cat

You may think you’re getting a good deal if you find a Russian Blue kitten for sale at a discounted price, but there are pros and cons to going with a breeder that sells at a lower price. There are two factors you should consider before buying a Russian Blue kitten. The cat’s quality is a factor to consider, and it is usually a driver for the price tag. Investigate the reason for the lower price. The cat’s age, health condition, and bloodlines are the determinants of its value on the market. Some breeders sell off their breeding stock as they age. They may offer them at a lower price. They may also sell cheaper kittens born with a defect or health issues. They also priced cats that are not purebred or have unremarkable bloodlines lower than many breeders. Another consideration is the reputation and experience of the breeder. These are factors that deserve your attention.

How to determine breeder reputation

According to Hepper, some breeders sell kittens for as low as $400, which is less than the fair market value today. Reputable breeders are experienced and have been in the business for years. They have a track record for selling quality kittens. Some reputable breeders sell kittens that are not up to standards for the breed, but they are honest about any known issues affecting quality and value. There is a lot that goes into running a respectable business.

The first and most important is they raise the cats in a healthy and loving environment. Cats need a clean home with plenty of room to get exercise and explore their environments. Those raised indoors have less chance of contracting infectious diseases and parasitic infections such as worms, ticks, and fleas. The cats should also get attention from the humans that own them. Socialization is an essential ingredient for cats of all ages. Cats raised in cages for breeding as many as possible and making a profit from them are from kitten mills.

The environment is emotionally and physically unhealthy and it makes one question the quality of nutrition and medical care these animals receive. Breeding cats under inhumane conditions can affect the quality of health. It’s best to avoid these disreputable breeders, as the kitten may be sick or worse. It may grow into an unhealthy adult.

What to expect from a reputable Russian Blue cat breeder

A reputable and experienced breeder understands the importance of doing things the right way. This includes caring for all cats under their care equally, attending to their social, emotional, and physical needs. Cats are complicated animals. They need their space and they also require affection. Reputable breeders feed their cats healthy and nutritious diets in the right proportions with clean water available at all times.

They’re either box trained or trained to go potty outside. They also see to it that the cats receive the recommended number of visits to the vet for physical examinations, testing, and appropriate vaccinations, deworming, and progress checks on their development. Pregnant mothers are monitored for the progression of their pregnancies and kittens are examined to ensure developmental milestone achievement. Any genetic or other health condition may be diagnosed early which may make them more treatable.

A reputable breeder will maintain documentation for all medical checkups, testing, vaccinations, and other health-related activities for each cat/kitten under their care. They should provide this evidence to you upon request. If they have not taken kittens to the vet for their first shots, or cannot produce this information, you may be dealing with an inexperienced breeder. The value of these kittens is not as high as those that have been verified as healthy and free from genetic defects.

The breeder should also have documentation available to prove the registration and ancestral status of the parent cats and all kittens born in their operation. These documents should be readily available for inspection with copies passed on to the new owners of each kitten purchased. Russian Blue cats are often spayed or neutered by breeders with a high reputation as they seek to limit the production of kittens to keep the value high because of high demand and low numbers of kitten availability. A cat that is not spayed or neutered is likely to be more expensive.

Other factors affecting the price for Russian Blue cats

Pet Educate points out that the price of a Russian Blue cat is also influenced by the region. The average prices vary from one country to another. For example, common Russian Blue kittens range from $500 to $750 in the United States. The price is far higher in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom with an average cost of $1,000 upwards. Supply and demand are also a determinant of the price. In areas where the demand is high and other are few breeders around may drive the price higher.

Why do reputable breeders charge higher prices?

Kittens raised by reputable breeders are more expensive to bring into the world. Breeders pay the cost of high-quality foods and supplies for each cat under their care. This includes bedding, toys, food, any necessary supplements, grooming supplies, medical examinations, testing, and treatments, registration of the cats, and so forth. They’ve made significant investments in these exquisite animals and the cost is passed on through the high-quality kitten and their value on the market. The likelihood of getting a high-quality kitten in good health from good bloodlines is far higher as you generally get what you pay for.

Can you find Russian Blue kittens at animal rescue shelters?

It is possible to find Russian Blue kittens and adult cats at animal rescue shelters, but it can take a while. Most people know the value of these cats as they are among the most desirable, but it is possible. There are pros and cons associated with adopting a Russian Blue from a cat rescue. On the plus side, the cost is far cheaper.

They usually cost between $100 to $350 depending on the shelter and its protocol. Some shelters charge higher adoption fees to cover room, board, and medical expenses. Another benefit for adopting a Russian Blue cat from a shelter is that you are giving an animal in need of a forever home a good life. You’re helping to make room for another vulnerable animal in need of help, whenever you adopt shelter cats. Although it’s possible to save money by adopting a shelter cat, there are a few downsides to the practice.

The first is that there is no way to confirm the ancestral lines of the cat. You won’t know if the cat is purebred or a mix. There may also be questions about the precise age of the animal and its health status. There is also usually a requirement for shelter pets to be spayed or neutered upon adoption, so you can’t breed them for kittens. Shelter adoptions are the ideal solution for some pet owners who are just looking for a household pet with no breeding rights.

What you need to know about the Russian Blue cat

The cost of purchasing or adopting a Russian Blue kitten or adult cat is just one of the costs of ownership. It’s essential to know that there will be ongoing costs involved with the maintenance and care of your kitten or cat. According to My Russian Blue, you may also incur shipping costs if you buy your kitten from a breeder that is not close enough to drive to pick up your new adoption. It can cost between $175 to $250 to have the animal shipped depending on where you buy it from and how far away the cat is. This is just for starters.

Supplies and care

Your new Russian Blue kitten will need to have an array of startup items for his care. He will need to have a bed, food and water dish, and grooming supplies. They need weekly grooming, so plan to purchase a brush for his fur and shampoo. You will also need to buy his food. It’s recommended that you feed him a healthy and nutritious diet that is specially formulated for cats. Plan to spend around $20 to $40 per month, depending on the brand you choose.

Also plan on spending more on kitty treats and toys for him. Cats are playful animals and they need to have toys of their own to help them stay entertained so they don’t chew or scratch up your items around the house. He will need to have a scratching post to sharpen his claws. It’s an instinctual behavior and buying him this essential item will help to prevent him from shredding furniture upholstery and curtains. You will also need to buy a litter box, premium cat litter, and a scoop for his toilet training.

Plan on changing the litter about once a week to keep your home fresh smelling and for his safety and hygiene. Your Russian Blue cat will also need to have regular vet checkups to ensure his continued good health. He will need to be seen for vaccinations, deworming, and to check on the progress of his growth and development with annual checkups for some, and perhaps more if he has any health problems.

Final thoughts

Russian Blue cats are expensive to buy, but they are exceptional house pets with warm and affectionate personalities. These cats are highly valued for their shimmery blue-gray coat color which can vary from one cat to another. Plan on paying more if you want a cat with a pedigree. Russian Blue cats with limited registration status are less expensive, with those that have impressive ancestral lines, or unique physical characteristics fetching a higher price. It’s best to deal with an experienced and reputable breeder to ensure that you receive a healthy kitten that has verified bloodlines and a clean bill of health from a local vet.

It’s best to find a breeder that is local if possible, so you can see both parents and verify the registration status in person. Check out the environment where the kitten is born and raised to confirm that it is suitable for producing healthy cats. By following the tips included in this price guide, you’re more likely to avoid being taken by scammers.

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