Quick Cat Tip of the Day: Blood Tests For Your Cats Are Essential


Human beings are recommended to get a physical every 2 years. I happen to get one each year but that’s me. Most human beings don’t even bother going to the doctor unless they feel they really have to. It’s the same thing with cars. Most times people don’t take their cars to get serviced unless they hear a weird noise or get into an accident. But maintaining one’s body (a car, whatever other body) can help prevent future illnesses and problems. Which is why today’s tip is to always make sure that you’re giving your cat periodic blood tests.

Many vets recommend that even healthy senior cats have a periodic blood test. Cats rarely show symptoms of problems like renal failure until their kidney function is almost gone, but if the signs of kidney failure are detected early, the illness can be treated early. Although there’s no cure for most older cat illnesses, if you’re able to find the problem before it shows, you can improve your cat’s quality of life in the long term.

So get out there and start testing! Thanks to Catster for this great tip

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