Robot Lets You Remotely Surveil Your Cat and Track Its Daily Step Count


Does your cat get lonely? Do they get into trouble while you’re out? Maybe you miss them and get curious about their secret life while you’re away. You could get a nanny cam, but that wouldn’t follow the cat around and show you what’s really happening. Sometimes we all wish we were at home playing with our furry friends instead of out working, shopping, or whatever else we have to do daily. Fortunately, someone thought of a solution to your kitty troubles. There’s a robot that lets you remotely surveil your cat, and track its daily step count.

Tech For Cats

There are plenty of technological wonders available for your favorite furball. You can buy a bed that heats up. Cats love their warm spots to cuddle up in after all. Perhaps a collar that keeps them in the yard with an invisible fence for your indoor-outdoor cat is more your speed. Indeed, there are dozens or maybe hundreds of battery-powered doodads that will whip a feather at your kitty or run a laser across the floor for them until the power wears out in about an hour. However, none of the toys and gadgets will show you what your cat is doing all day or keep track of their exercise. Not until now.

The Ebo is an ingenious combination of a lot of different technologies that already exist. With a feather, lights, sounds, wheels, a camera, and more, you’re probably already wondering why you didn’t think of this yourself. We know we are. Of course, manufacturing a tech toy isn’t all that easy, or everyone would do it. This cat toy does more than you, or your cat expect.

What Can Ebo Do?

Yes, Ebo plays with your fuzzy pet. After all, felines need to goof around and have lots of active playtime to stay healthy. Your cat is engaged and feels companionship when toys react to them, but this is no simple toy. Here are all the features we know about:

  • Sensors – Ebo scans its environment to make sure there’s enough space to play with your kitty. In addition to just checking for space, it has collision avoidance. Keeping your cat toy functional is something that all feline owners run into issues with sometimes. If you’re going to get a fantastic high tech toy, it helps that it won’t just crash and break within the first few minutes.
  • Feather -Perhaps the most straightforward aspect of this ingenious toy is the cute feather on top. It can sway and wave the feather at your cat to catch their interest. We all know kitties enjoy feathers.
  • Sound – Ebo can talk to your cat and make noises. The ability to mimic real play helps keep your cat engaged. Like kids, cats enjoy the toys that make noise. It helps to keep them interested when a gadget can react to what they’re doing.
  • Camera – The camera allows you to live-stream your cat on your smartphone so you can watch or play with them. You can take videos and even still photos to share or keep. Watching what your cat is up to is great, but playing with them remotely is even better. There’s a social sharing app included so you can connect and enjoy pics, gifs, and videos with friends.
  • Timer – It’s great to have a toy that plays with your cat, but Ebo decided that wasn’t enough. You can set timers, so the toy plays with your pet on a set schedule in addition to when you’re remotely interacting with them.
  • Wheels – Wheels might not seem like a big deal, but this toy does more than roll around. Ebo can right itself when it’s knocked over, and it can even dance.
  • Charger – A toy is no good if it runs out of steam and sits on your floor like a lump. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with an Ebo. When the batteries get low, Ebo will go home to its docking station to recharge automatically. That way, it’s always ready for playtime.
  • Collar – Smartwatches can track our health, heart rate, steps per day, and fitness levels. The smart-collar for your Ebo will monitor your kitty’s health in a similar way. Making sure your pet gets the right amount of exercise is vital to their health and can prolong their life by years.

Happy & Healthy

Cats and people have more in common than you might expect. Just like us, a kitty can suffer from boredom, depression, and other psychological issues. Similarly, cats who are obese tend to live shorter lives. Unfortunately, sixty percent of US cats are overweight or obese, and almost half of all pet owners with overweight or obese cats ( incorrectly identify their cats as ‘normal weight.’ Moreover, your pets can have heart problems and even diabetes. Rather than worrying about whether your cat is lying around the house eating and being bummed out, now you have a way to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We love the Ebo. Playing with your cat is good for them, and it can lift your spirits too. Less stress and worry for both of you will feel better after interacting daily through Ebo. Being a good pet parent is more than love and food. With a toy like this, you can keep up with their health and have a lot of fun doing so.

We can’t wait until these ship out so we can start playing with our cats when we’re away from home. Doubtless, many cat owners feel the same way given how successful the Kickstarter campaign has been, and it’s not even finished until December 24th. If you’re looking for a fantastic gift for your furry friend or a pet owner, then we can’t think of a better choice. Though they won’t be out in time for the holiday season this year, some gifts are worth waiting for.

Final Thoughts

We’ll admit it. We are a little jealous that someone thought of this before we did, but we’re also glad they came up with Ebo. There’s nothing like it on the market. Even though there are toys and cameras that do all the things which the different features of Ebo can provide. Still, putting them all together was pure genius. Who are you getting an Ebo for? Let us know in the comments section.

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