10 Cat Breeds Who Are Most Prone to Obesity

It’s not just people that are prone to obesity. It’s not enough that most of the world can’t seem to figure out the correct serving sizes and a way to eat healthy foods that are still delicious, most pet owners can’t figure out how much to feed their cats either.

This makes it more likely for some cats to become obese or at least overweight. There are some cats that are just big due to poor pet ownership, but there are some that are overweight simply because they are genetically predisposed. Read on to find out which breed of cats are most likely to suffer from obesity.

1. Birman

The Birman cat is one of the most gorgeous cats you’ll ever see. Large by nature, these cats have long hair and big, bushy tales. They also have large blue eyes that are very difficult to resist. However, you must resist them.

Why? Because they are very prone to obesity, which can cause diabetes and other serious health problems – not to mention expensive health problems. These cats are very lazy cats known for lying around most of the day in a very sedentary lifestyle, so it’s very important to limit their eating.


2. Ragamuffins

These are the friendliest cats you’ll ever meet. They are known for being very easy to deal with, kind, and even good with kids, which is why so many people own this particular cat breed. However, they’re very lazy.

They don’t care much for exercise or activity, so they’re more likely to get fat when you let them eat to their heart’s content. This is not the kind of cat that can have an endless feeder; it has no sense of self-control and can become excessively overweight when given the opportunity to eat more than the vet’s recommended serving.


3. Colorpoint Shorthair

This pretty kitty is a cousin of the Siamese cat, but it’s not as naturally thin and lovely as the thin Siamese. These cats are a bit more indulgent and kind of lazy, which means that gaining weight is easy for them, and they don’t really look forward to having to diet and exercise.

You’ll want to ensure that yours is not eating too much, and that he or she is limited on treats. Too much of a good thing is not good for this cat, it’s very prone to the side effects that go along with obesity, and more likely to suffer health wise.


4. Persian

They’re large, beautiful cats. They have long hair and a beautiful face, and people love these animals. However, it’s very common for them to become obese thanks to careless owners.

It’s not that owners are deliberately making their Persian cats fat, however, it’s simply that they don’t realize it. With such long hair, it’s not always easy to tell when kitty is eating too much because they look so large as a whole. They’re not very active cats, either, which means that once they get big, it’s hard to get them to lose the weight in a timely fashion.


5. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic shorthair cats are big in general. They typically weigh somewhere around 15 pounds, and that’s considered a very average size cat for this breed. They are not obese cats, however. They’re very muscular.

Given the opportunity to eat too much, however, they will gain weight that will cause them to have a lot of health problems. They can develop problems with diabetes, with their fur and even with their ability to walk carefully. These cats should only eat a very limited daily diet. Endless bowls of food are not appropriate for this large breed cat.


6. Manx

The difference between the Manx and most of the other breeds on this list is the fact that the Manx is a naturally smaller cat. It’s nowhere near as big as many common cat breeds become, but it is a stocky cat.

This makes it difficult for Manx owners to tell whether or not their cat is overweight or just normal. It is easy for them to make the transition from healthy to obese without owners really noticing there is anything wrong, which is why pet owners are a danger to these cat’s health.


7. Peke-Face

These cats are what you might call the “Grumpy Cat,” because they always look like they are scowling. They’re beyond adorable, but they’re easily obese. It doesn’t take much for this cat to gain weight when owners over feed them, which is common.

Of course, it’s difficult for people not to want to over feed cats because they tend to whine when their bowls are empty. One cup of food per day is sufficient for most cat breeds, and your vet is going to be able to give you adequate information regarding your own cat and its dietary needs.


8. British Shorthair

These cats are easily amused; they are the antithesis of grumpy cat and his permanent scowl. These cats actually smile and seem to enjoy life, which is good for those who need to lose a bit of excess weight.

While it’s not uncommon for the British shorthair to become a bit overweight thanks to careless owners who feed them too much, they can lose it easily. They’re very playful and look forward to spending time making sure you play with them. They like to pounce and run, which is going to keep them slim and trim.

american shorthair

9. Domestic Shorthair

The good news about this particular cat breed is that while it’s a bit larger in general, it’s one that likes to be kept busy. Many people lead these cats into becoming overweight by providing them with those self-feeding bowls and not monitoring their intake.

The good news is that if your American shorthair is a bit on the larger side, you can get him to work out. These cats are natural hunters, which means that games that require running, hunting and attacking things will make them move. You can limit your cat’s diet and increase his exercise to help his weight issues.


10. Sphynx

It might come as a surprise to find out this particular breed of cat is prone to weight issues, but it is. It’s completely hairless, which makes it seem like it couldn’t be obese. However, because this cat is hairless, its issues with weight are more pronounced.

People tend to over feed these cats because they think they’re in need of additional food. Without all that hair and fur to make them look larger, people consider them too thin, and tend to feed them more to make up for it. Therefore, sphynx cat owners make their cats bigger.

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