Tabby Cat: 5 Tips For Taking Care Of Kittens

Tabby cats are not a unique breed. They are characterized by their coat patterns and markings, which are often swirls and stripes. The typical colors of tabby cats are orange, silver, brown, and gray. Tabby cats like most other cats make excellent pets. This is because they are very independent. You don’t need to take cats for walks because they use a litter box. You don’t need to take them to the groomer or bathe them because they bathe themselves. If you want to go away for the weekend, you can leave your tabby cat alone as long as you leave adequate food and water. If you are planning to get a tabby kitten, you should know a few tips regarding their care.

The Litter Box

It is important to have a litter box set up for you kitten when you bring him home. It is a good idea for you to keep your kitten in the room with the litter box for the first few days so that he will remember where it is. The type of kitty litter that you use depends on your preference. Some kittens don’t like the cover on the litter box. You should try it both ways before to find out which way the kitten likes it the best. As far as scooping the litter box goes, you should do it every day or two. The older the kitten gets, the more often you will need to scoop the box.


When your kitten is young, you should feed him food that is made for kittens. Whether you decided to feed him wet food or dry food is completely up to you. You can even give him the combination of the two. You can give him dry food during the day and wet food in the evening. He should eat three times a day the same way that a human does. When you are feeding him, make sure that you put his food in a shallow bowl or a plate. Since he is small, you need to make sure that he can easily get to his food. After he is about 6 months old, you can start leaving food on the floor all day for him to graze.

Keep An Eye On Him

It is a good idea to keep an eye on your kitten when you first bring him home. Tabby kittens are very small and very mischievous. Your kitten can easily get stuck in between furniture, behind an appliance, or he can get stepped on. The best way to keep this from happening is to keep an eye on him until he is old enough to keep himself safe.

Get Your Cat Fixed

It is a good idea to get you kitten spayed or neutered. Getting your female cat fixed will keep her from getting pregnant and from going into heat. Even if your cat is going to be an indoor cat, she can still escape and get pregnant. This is especially true if she escapes because she is in heat. If you have a male kitten, you should have him fixed as well. Fixing him will keep him from getting other cats pregnant and he won’t spray all over the house. Also, studies have shown that fixed cats are healthier and they fight less than kittens who have not been fixed. It is best to have your kitten fixed when he is between two months and six months.

Play With Your Kitten

Although kittens are independent, they need to be stimulated and they need to have fun. It is a good idea to play with your kitten every day to make him happy and to help you bond with him. Playing with a kitten is very easy. All you need is a piece of string and drag it around so that he can chase it. If you are going to play with your kitten closely, you should wear something to cover your hands and arms. Kittens have very tiny, very sharp claws. Your kitten can scratch your unintentionally and you won’t even know it until you see the marks. It is a good idea to cover your hands and arms during playtime.

Tabby cats make great pets and they would be a great addition to your family. As long as you know how to care for your kitten, he should grow into a happy and healthy cat.

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