How to Get a Shy Cat To Trust You

You might think that cats are independent animals who always want to be off doing their own thing, but in reality they need affection and a lot of love just like other pets. If a cat comes to your house, one of the first things you need to do is get them to trust you. Once the cat starts to trust you, you can handle them and make them a part of your life.

How to Approach a Shy Cat

If you want to get a shy cat’s trust, it is important that you approach the cat in the right way. Try walking over towards where they are slowly without making any sudden movements. When you get closer, kneel down slowly and try not make eye contact with the cat at first. Talk in a soft voice. Slowly move your hand towards the cat, making sure you are not too close. When you have reached a point where the cat trusts you, stroke them gently on the back and talk softly to them.

How to Handle a Shy Cat

When you have gotten a shy cat to trust you, it is time that they become an integral part of your life. Make sure that they are always in the same room with you and make sure that their food and water bowls are always full. Try to get them used to having people in their room while you are making small talk.

How to Get a Shy Cat to Play

If the cat is a bit shy, playing games with them will help them get more comfortable around you. Games will also allow the cat to enjoy the company of another human and will help them get used to having other people around. Other games that can be played with the cat include fetching the cat toy or showing off tricks you know they can do. It will take some time to train the cat to do tricks, but it is worth it when you are able to bond with your pet.

How To Feed A Shy Cat

You need to make sure that you are feeding the cat food and treats that they will enjoy. Just because the cat is shy doesn’t mean it won’t eat. If you give them treats, they will become more familiar with you and will be able to trust you more easily. Don’t try to force the cat to come out of their shell by feeding it fancy food or expensive treats. Give it something it likes and it will eventually accept you as well.

How To Tell If A Shy Cat Trusts You

You will know if a shy cat trusts you when they come over to accept your affection. You might notice that the cat will come to you during mealtime and sit near you while you are eating. You should also be able to touch them without a fight breaking out. If the cat is hiding away from you, they likely don’t trust you yet and will probably never trust you fully.

Best Ways To Earn A Shy Cat’s Trust:

1. Start slow, introduce yourself calmly.

The most important thing is to start slowly. Introduce yourself to them slowly, but don’t try to scare them by acting too friendly. Just try to be somewhat calm and quiet around them, so they can get used to the sound of your voice and see that you’re not going to hurt them.

2. Feed them before leaving the house.

Make sure you have their food out and ready for when you come home from school or work! Leave it out during the day, so they can get used to seeing it there when they are hungry in the evenings. This will help them trust you more.

3. Allow them to explore their territory.

If you’re looking to get a shy cat who relies on you, it’s important for them to know that your house is their house too! Keeping the door open and letting them go in and out as they please is extremely helpful in getting them used to this new space, especially if they aren’t used to being inside at all. This helps build trust because they won’t feel trapped in a cage-like area.

4. Train them to come when called.

Try to get your kitty used to the sound of your voice by calling them over to you when you’re in the room and they’re not sleeping. Try not to touch them at first, but just let them know that they can come over and be around you, gradually getting better at petting and touching. This will allow them to get used to your presence and eventually enjoy spending time with you.

5. Play with toys just outside their view.

This is especially easy with smaller cats. Try to play with a ball outside of their view so they can see it rolling around and know that whatever it was, it’s not still in the room hiding. This is helpful for cats who are anxious about things still being in the room after your presence has left. Slowly work up to playing catch with them, eventually bringing the toy into the room.

6. Open doors at first

When you get home, leave the door open so they can come in and out as they please. When they’re ready to go into the room where you are, they’ll start making their way in there. Don’t close the door or try to force them to do anything else until they make it to your side on their own. The more time they have to feel comfortable in their territory, the better!

Final Thoughts

If you are working on getting your shy cat used to your surroundings, it will work much more effectively if you allow them to come and go as they please. This will build trust and allow them to get used to being around you and feel comfortable enough to come out of their shell. It’s a process, but it’s easier than most people expect. Once they start trusting you, they’ll be able to spend more time with you without worrying about being left alone or attacked.

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