20 Questions Your Cat Needs You To Answer Immediately

We love our furry feline friends and as owners, we do the best for them that we can. We give them food, shelter, medical care and lots of love and attention. When it comes to communication, there are things that are understood, especially as we get to know our pets better, but there are some questions that your cat will have from time to time, and only you can provide the answers. The cute little meows and head tilts will give you an indication that your kitty needs to have certain reassurances and confirmations. Cats are usually patient creatures but there are certain things that they want to know right away. Here are 20 questions that your cat needs you to answer immediately.

Can I have some of what you’re eating?

It probably won’t matter what kind of snack you’re munching on. If kitty sees you enjoying any type of food, curiosity sets in and they will follow you from room to room in hopes of sharing your fare. Humans bond over meals and sharing food and cats are no different. If it’s a food that is healthy for cats, your furry friend will be grateful for a bite but if not the answer should be no. If your goal is to train your kitty not to beg for human food, then this is a question that should be answered immediately. You should be consistent and not give in to feline pressure for the best results. It’s cruel to tease a cat with food that there is no intention of sharing so be direct and to the point so he or she does not get their hopes up, only to be disappointed.

Are we good?

It’s okay for your cat to have a snotty attitude towards you, especially after getting in trouble for a misdeed but in your cat’s mind, you have no such right. When kitty comes down off his high horse, he will come to you for the reassurance that your relationship is still on solid ground. He’ll wonder, are we still good? This is a question that he will need to have answered right away or it will truly upset him. Cats are sensitive creatures who often need reassurance, even though they may act like they really don’t care. Giving kitty the cold shoulder after you’ve scolded him isn’t going to serve to reinforce any desired behaviors if you carry it on for too long. Let him know that you’re both still solid with each other.

Are you okay?

Whether you believe it or not, cats are often in tune with how their owners are feeling. If you’re having a rough day, your cat will know that something isn’t right. They are intuitive little creatures and they know when you’re having a bad day. Think about how many times your cat has rubbed up against your legs or jumped into your lap with an inquisitive meow or purr. He is asking you if you’re okay because he is concerned about you and really wants to know. He depends on you for everything, and he loves you. When he shows concern and wants to know if you’re okay, he needs your reassurance. Even if you’re not okay at the time, acknowledge his attempts to check up on you and give him a pat on the head or some other type of reassurance. It will mean the world to your lifelong companion.

Can I join you?

Your cat may ignore you for hours at a time, but when he’s ready for some attention, he will let you know. Even if you’ve trained him to stay off the furniture, there will still be times that he will want to jump up on your lap for some cuddles and affection. When he’s sitting at your feet and he gives you the “can I join you” look, give in and let him in. Cats need to have human contact. They crave the love and attention of their owners and the nosy little guys just want to be a part of your life. Granted, there are times when it’s not convenient, but be thankful that you have a faithful companion that wants to be near you whatever it is that you’re doing.

Am I important?

As humans, there are times when our lives become hectic. When there is a lot to get done, we tend to focus on the tasks at hand. The family cat may get sidelined and unintentionally neglected. Sure, you may see that he has food and water, but cats need to have your personal attention from time to time. When things get busy, try not to forget that there is an important family member who can’t use words to ask if he is still important to you, but if you’ve been busy and haven’t given him much of your attention lately, this will be one of the questions on his mind. It doesn’t take long to give him an acknowledgement and just by taking a little time and showing him that he’s still important to you, you will have answered this question in the best possible way. Your actions tell your kitty that he is still important.

Will you be back to get me?

This is a question that your cat will have when you take him to the veterinary for a checkup, vaccinations or a procedure. He doesn’t understand that it is necessary for his health. When you leave him there, he doesn’t know why he is there in the first place. All he really knows is that you are leaving him with strangers and going away. He doesn’t know when or if you’ll be back for him, but he’ll anxiously be awaiting your return. He needs your reassurance that you will be back to get him as soon as he is able to leave and go back home with you.

Aren’t you lonely in that big bed by yourself?

Your cat sees that big comfortable and spacious bed that you lie down in every night. When compared to the size of his bed he can’t believe that you could possibly want to sleep in it all by yourself. Even if you have a partner, it is still too much space without him there. You may not have told him that his presence is welcome, but he has taken it upon himself to help fill the space whether you’re there or not. Cats love to lounge around on a comfortable bed. While he may love his own, he likes yours too and it seems that there is little that you can do to keep the family cat off of a freshly made bed. If you can’t find him, be sure to check under the covers because they are famous for burrowing deep inside, or sandwiching themselves in between two big fluffy pillows.

Why can’t I play with the curtain ties?

This is a question that has burned in the heart of every cat who has been scolded for playing with the curtain ties. It is absolute torture to leave any dangling or hanging object within their eyesight, and tell them to leave it alone. Cats are curious by nature and they simply cannot resist the urge to bite, bat, and play with anything that hangs down within their reach. Some cats are even willing to perform daredevil stunts to reach a string or rope that they spy with their ever searching eyes. You can scold them all you want, but curiosity, wonder and playfulness are so deeply ingrained in the nature of a feline that they are going to just go for it every now and then.

Why are you sitting in my chair?

As if you didn’t already know, your cat wonders why you like to sit in his favorite chair. You probably thought that it was the other way around. When there is a particular chair that you like to sit in, your cat gets used to it as well because he can’t resist jumping up to sit in your lap and cuddle. Your cat identifies this as a special place that you and him share together, plus, it has your unique scent on it. Of course, as all cats do, he forms the opinion that he owns the chair and soon, you’ll find that he’s taken over the spot and it is soon you who has to ask him to move over so you can sit down and relax.

Why can’t I play with the new baby?

Cats are fun loving animals with a playful disposition, at least when they’re younger cats. Most of them don’t realize that the new baby is helpless and doesn’t yet know how to play. This is particularly true if you have older kids in the house who play with them. It’s important to supervise any time that your cat is in the room with small babies, because they don’t realize that the baby is too young to play. Most cats are not mean towards children, but it is possible for them to become jealous because the baby is getting more attention than they are.

When can we play ball?

Cats love to chase balls. In fact, some will even play a game of fetch with you just like a dog. If you don’t already have a soft ball for your kitty to play with you should get one. There are some great cat toys out there and the squishy balls that are easy for them to grip are the best ones. Even if you don’t have time to play ball with your cat, he will entertain himself batting it around the house. The ones that come with a bell or other noisemaker inside are particularly entertaining for cats. Another good choice is a rubber ball because your cat will have the time of his life batting it from one wall to another and chasing it around the house.

Where are my treats?

If you don’t have a supply of kitty treats on hand, there is no doubt that this is what your cat is thinking. Cats are content to have a regular feeding schedule, but just try eating a snack in front of them. They are notorious beggars and let’s face it, not all human food is good for cats. It’s best to keep cat treats on hand that are nutritious and tasty. Your cat will appreciate you for being so thoughtful.

Why are you gone for so long?

Cats really don’t understand that some people have jobs that keep them away for hours on weekdays. It’s especially hard for a cat when their owner is home most of the time and then gets a new job or hobby that keeps them away for longer. Your cat is no different than a person and he gets lonely when there is nobody home. It’s a good idea to have another cat or a dog that he gets along with in the home so there is a playmate to keep him company.

Why won’t you let me play at night?

Cats have a habit taking a lot of naps during the day, and getting a burst of energy at night. Just because you’re trying to sleep doesn’t mean that it’s time for them to do the same. When you hear rumbling and bumping in the house throughout the wee hours of the morning, it’s probably just the cat. It’s rough to awaken to a frightening barrage of noise, only to find out that it’s the cat have a good time. If you scold him about it he won’t understand what the big deal is, because you laugh about it during the daytime.

Why don’t you change my litter box more often?

Cats are remarkably clean creatures. Most of them are particular about the condition of their litter boxes. If they become too badly soiled, your kitty is likely to kick out the nastiest parts onto the floor. They’re not trying to punish you, but they do need to have plenty of room to scratch and cover their business after they’re done. It’s a good idea to change the litter in the box fairly frequently to keep down the smell and to ensure that there is plenty of clean litter for your kitty to finish the final details of the job. Try not to get too angry when your cat makes a litter box mess. After all, his heart is in the right place. Would you want to use a restroom that hasn’t been properly cleaned?

Where are my toys?

Because cats are so very playful, it’s important to make sure that yours has a good selection of toys to choose from. Your cat is far less likely to be destructive in the home if he is kept busy with his own personal toys. This is more of a warning than a suggestion. If you don’t give your kitty the novelties that he needs to stay occupied, then he is going to find something else to play with. It’s probably going to be something in the house that you’d rather he not play with. There are lots of fun cat toys on the market and it’s better to give him his own toys because when he messes with your things, it’s easier to redirect him back to his own personal belongings.

Why can’t I claw on the curtains?

This is another question that your cat needs an answer for. By nature, cats will sharpen their claws on anything and everything. This is very much a survival instinct because in the wild, they depend upon their claws for self-defense as well as for hunting and capturing their prey. The domesticated kitties that we have in our homes don’t need to do this, but nature still makes provision for this. The cats that live outdoors and who must fend for themselves are thankful for their sharp and useful claws. Of course, we can’t allow them to shred the curtains or tear up upholstery, but there are some steps that we can take to prevent it. The first thing is to set up a sturdy scratching post for your cat. Show them how to use it by rubbing the paws across the carpeted exterior. When you catch your cat clawing on drapes and furniture, redirect him to his scratching post. It won’t be long before he learns what he can scratch and what he should not.

What is all this white stuff?

If you live in a climate that has four distinct seasons then your cat’s first winter will leave him with some serious questions. If he has never seen snow before, he is in for a big surprise. Not only is the ground white, but all that fluff is cold and wet. It’s important to keep an eye on your kitty when you first introduce him to winter weather. It’s okay to let him outside, but you should be there to directly supervise him until he gets used to the new landscape. Some cats want nothing to do with snow, but others have the time of their lives frolicking and playing. Bear in mind that this is going to be a new experience for your cat and he may need a little reassurance. If you’re standing close by, there will be less chance that he will become frightened and run away. Winter time can be dangerous for house pets because they are not used to the colder temperatures and the wetness that winter precipitation brings with it. Don’t let your cat stay outside for too long when the weather is cold and nasty. Even though he has a big thick and fluffy coat, hypothermia is still a real danger.

Why can’t I eat everything that you do?

This is another question that your cat is thinking. How often have you enjoyed a sweet or chocolate laden dessert, only to have your cat come begging? Most of us know that sweets are not good for cats or dogs and that chocolate can even be fatal. We know the dangers that these foods pose for kitties, but they do not. The only thing that they know is that you’re really enjoying a tasty snack and they are feeling a little left out because you won’t share with them. You know that you’re doing your cat a big favor but the cat doesn’t see it that way. The best thing that you can do is to stay strong and never give in by sharing foods that aren’t good for your cat. If it really bothers you, keep a few healthy kitty treats on hand when you’re having a treat for yourself. Your cat probably won’t know the difference and you will have solved the problem. Cats are odd little creatures who have a sense of entitlement and it is difficult to tell them no sometimes, but as cat parents, we know that the answer must sometimes be no.

Will you love me forever?

Your cat is a constant companion who is there for you no matter what is going on. While there are times when your cat has a streak of independence and may ignore you, this won’t last for long. In time, he will seek out your company because cats are very social creatures. As human beings we can share our thoughts and feelings with words. We can ask about and confirm our love for one another, but cats don’t have this option. It can’t be assumed that they take your love for granted. When your life is busy and you are focusing on other things, your kitty may wonder if you still love him and if you will love him forever. Make sure that your cat knows that you love him. It’s good to tell him so, but he’ll be assured that you will love him forever if you show him. All it takes is an acknowledgement when you arrive home from your busy day and a daily dose of affection when he’s in the mood.

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