Ten Cat Diseases Common to All Breeds

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It can be really easy to take the good health of your pet for granted: to take for granted that your cat is happy, healthy, and loved. The sad reality is, that can turn at any moment. Just the simple fact that your cat is healthy enough to do all its cat stuff daily doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about what may be going on, beneath the surface. Truth is, it is better to be aware of these cat common illnesses, than to be blind sided on the awful occasion that they happen. While we know that there can be many diseases that are specific to certain breeds, this list is ten cat diseases that are common to all breeds. Please keep in mind, these cat diseases being common to all breeds does not mean these cat diseases are common. That is essential to know. We don’t want any of you worry yourselves sick.  It’s better to be informed than ignorant, is all.

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Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases

The sad reality about this fact is that about ten percent of all cats brought to the vet with health problems end up finding out they have FLUTD. Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases are actually a group of diseases so common in cats (sorry that goes a little bit against what we said in the intro) that they have their own cat diseases genre. This diseases is found most in cats that are unfit and have been living off mostly dry food, and there can be a myriad of signs and signals. Such as bloody urine or straining and crying while urinating. At least they are common enough that the world (and world of medicine) is well informed and often has solutions.

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While tapeworms may not be a disease, per se, they are a pretty serious infection that can be a lot more serious if not detected and treated properly. What a lot of people don’t know is that the most common reason cats get tapeworm is from swallowing a flea. So flea prevention can also be tapeworm prevention. We felt this issue was common enough in all cats that it deserved a spot, high up on the list. Also, there are many variations of worms that helped earn this its high spot.

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Believe it or not, this ocular disease that affects humans, also can affect cats! Some breeds may be more naturally predisposed to it, but all breeds of cats can get glaucoma. Sad as it makes us to say, eyes problems are a big factor in cat diseases, as you will see more and more as we go down the list. The good thing about this is the more informed we get as a society, the more we can do to cease and prevent this problems for our cats and other cats down the road.

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Upper Respiratory Infections

Cats tend to do a lot of searching and exploring with their faces and fur. This can lead to them easily inhaling some things that may be harmful to them. These things can even get in through the eyes sometimes, too. Believe it or not, the most common of all URI’s in cats is feline herpes. If a cat comes from a shelter, something as simple as sharing a water dish can cause this and pass this virus along.

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Another one that we bet most people thought might have been a human disease, but not so much. Gingivitis (or inflammation of the gums) can be a very common problem for almost any cat. Just like us, it is caused by plaque. And just like us, whether people want to accept it or not, brushing helps. There are also many places that do specialized cleaning for cat teeth to prevent this exact problem.

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Feline Kidney Failure

We really wish this one didn’t exist at all. Warning for you cat lovers out there, (AKA all of us), this one is pretty rough. Feline Kidney Failure, as you would assume, is when the cat’s kidneys give out. It is a one of the more serious cat diseases we’ve mentioned this far. Also called Chronic Renal Failure, it is another disease that seems mainly caused by poor nutrition. In other words, a lot of these come back on us as owners.

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Feline A.I.D.S

Another one that will knock you back a few pegs is finding out about feline A.I.D.S and about how all cats can get it. The worst part is, yes, it does the exact same thing to the feline that it does to the human. It makes it so their bodies cannot fight things like simple infections or colds. It would be devastating for most to find out just how prevalent this is, so we will avoid that stats and let you know that medicine has come further and further when it comes to things like this.  There is hope, where once there was none.

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As you slowly read, you realize: the cat diseases that are common to all breeds are also many human diseases that can happen to any human. Hyperthyroidism signs can be many of the same we mentioned earlier in the LUTD section. Before you lose all hope, just be aware there are many medicines and methods for helping to treat (and in some cases, destroy) hyperthyroidism in cats. Feline medicine has come very far over the last decade.

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Feline Diabetes

This one is rather tough for me to discuss, as right now there is a cat in my life going through this. Truth is, there are more and more cats getting feline diabetes every day. To the point where it is almost becoming an epidemic. Guess what? We are usually to blame, again. We give our cats treats and nasty dry food, and then wonder why they suddenly have so many things wrong them. Monsato affects more than humans, you know that, right? Now you do.

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Feline Ataxia

Also known as feline panleukopenia, feline ataxia is a serious and high infection cat disease caused by a virus. The saddest part about it is its mortality rate is 25 to 70%, which is pretty staggering to think about. As with most virus’, there is little you can do other than gain your knowledge and do your best to ensure you keep your cat from being exposed to anything that may cause any of these. Sorry to be such a downer, but in this area, knowledge is power.

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