The 10 Best Cities For Single Women and Cats

best cities for single women and cats

Attention crazy cat ladies; you’re not so crazy everywhere you go. In fact, you’re not crazy at all. Don’t let those haters tell you that your 9 cats and your single lady status make you different than the rest of us. I have a husband and four kids, and my bet is that I’m a lot crazier than you and your cats ever even thought of being (seriously). Let’s get right down to business; we recently learned that millennials prefer cats to dogs as pets, so that’s a mark in your crazy cat lady favor. Additionally, ‘tis always better to be single than dating a creep, so there’s that.

Now we just need to find you a neighborhood that is filled with crazy cat ladies so that you might find yourself some friends and become less crazy cat ladies. We’ve decided that crazy cat ladies aren’t crazy; they’re genius. You’re single, loving it and having a good time with your cat (or cats) living life to the fullest. That’s why we’ve chosen 10 amazing cities that are filled with not-so-crazy cat ladies looking to build their careers, make new friends, hang with their feline friends and basically just take over the world Carrie Bradshaw-style (with a cat and Manolos). Read on to find out where you can live and be considered cool in one of the best cities for my single ladies and their cats.

Columbus, Ohio

Listen up cat ladies, you’re going to get to live less than two hours from the Cat Fanicers’ Association if you live here. That’s serious cat love, my friends. When you live here, you get to have a good time since the cost of living is relatively low, the job market is improving and it’s great for singles. However, it’s also great for cats since you have a cat café and a cat gallery you can join and meet up with your cat and other cat lovers. I mean, let’s get on it.

Tampa, Florida

Living only an hour from Tampa my entire life, I’m inclined to say that this is an amazing city for all. It’s by the beach, everything good is on the water and there is some killer shopping and dining. Did I mention the weather is always gorgeous? With so many cat rescues and organizations in the area, there are a lot of cat lovers – and did I mention that there are some seriously handsome men in the area? I should know; I married one of them.

Harrisburg, Virginia

While we hate that this is a city with a huge feral cat population, we love that it’s also a city with a lot of cat rescues and organizations. What you get here are a lot of cat lovers volunteering their time to help these feral cats. The city adopts out more than 400 homeless and feral cats every year, so that should tell you that there are many cat lovers in the area looking for new friends. Get on board with that one.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

We have three words: Cat Street Art. I can see how that might be a bit confusing so allow me to clarify that no, cats did not create the street art. But, we are willing to bet that the crazy cat ladies did. Also, there’s a cat café going in, which tells you a bit about the need for something of this nature around here.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

It’s warm, the people here are active, and they really love cats. Enough said. The cost of living is also pretty low, so that helps in the whole, “Why would I want to live here,” questioning you are currently doing in the mirror. With a cat café in the works, opening this year, there are a lot of cat lovers about to come out and make friends. It’s a great place to go meet people. I’m just saying.

Denver, Colorado

Difficulty breathing aside, the mile high city is a great place for cat lovers. It’s active and outdoorsy, and there are so many different things available for cats that it’s almost comic. A cat day spa, a cat resort, and a cat hotel are just a few of the different amenities your cat will really enjoy when you are in Denver. It’s also a gorgeous city well within a few great locations in that area of the country, so it’s worth a visit.

Kansas City, Missouri

With as many feral cats as there are here, it’s no wonder cat people love the area. There are so many cats to rescue and save, and to adopt, that they simply cannot get enough. There are so many kittens around here that require adoption, and there are plenty of people here who love cats enough to want to be in the area. It’s also affordable and filled with feline friends that want to come home with you.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Cats love to cuddle, and it’s cold here. Maybe that’s why so many of our favorite crazy cat ladies make themselves at home in Pitt. Or maybe it’s because the city is busy and fun, and there is so much to do during the day and evening. It makes it kind of nice to come home to a welcome furry friend with whom you can cuddle up and relax.

Seattle, Washington

A cat café makes sense here what with the love of coffee the city seems to possess as a whole. This is a great city for cats since it’s rainy and people are often forced to stay home and indoors or else get wet. Also, you probably will not have to worry about your cat getting out of the house the first time he experiences a rainy day without his dry, warm places.

Portland, Oregon

Who doesn’t want to live in a city with a cat café? I don’t even have a cat anymore, and I want to live in a city with a cat café. There seems to be something so hilariously wonderful about the entire situation. Portland is the number one city for single ladies and their cats, so you might want to get here. Or not; you might not want to be single anymore.

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