The Cat They Call Princess Monster Truck

Who could resist the adorable Persian breed cat that is named “Princess Monster Truck?” This adorable feline has hit it big on social media and has earned her place in the spotlight, just by being herself. If you’re not currently a cat owner, the pictures of this aggressive yet loving kitty may just be enough to encourage you to become one. She shows the world how intriguing your life can become after joining alliances with one of these furry entertainers.

Who is Princess Monster Truck and where did she come from?

The Princess is a gorgeous Persian breed cat who is loaded with charm, charisma, poise, and personality. She’s a talented entertainer that is keeping owners and followers with a steady supply of laughter and amazement. Just the name alone creates a persona that is uniquely hers, and she came by it honestly. To really get the implications, you have to know her story. It’s one that is well worth sharing and passing on.

A diamond in the rough makes a surprise appearance

One can only imagine the surprise and amazement that artists Joseph Bryce and Tracy Timmons experienced when they had their first encounter with the cat that would rise to greatness. She didn’t exactly have the same attributes that she does now when she first made their acquaintance. She didn’t elegantly stroll past them and strike them with a knowing glance, she actually tumbled out of a bush and fell at their feet in a disheveled mess. They weren’t expecting to see a cat roll out in front of them and their reaction wasn’t one of awe as much as it was of surprise and a bit of shock at her initial appearance. The response was more of pity when they saw her matted and scraggly condition. As she made her first introduction to the pair, it was with a howl that is subject to interpretation for those with creative minds. She could have been demanding servitude, but on the other hand, it could have also been a plea for compassion and help. We’ll never know.

Overcome with emotion

The two were moved at the sight of this angelic being, brought to a low estate. Obviously, in need of some tender loving care and attention to cosmetics, they were obliged to cave in and respond to her demands for compliance. This was just the beginning of what would become a life of servitude to the royal feline that decided they were worthy of her companionship. She didn’t have the look of a ruler with the power to forever change their lives at this point. If they had known, would they have continued on? You bet they would have. Their relationship with the Princess has taken on a life of its own and it’s been a remarkable tale of transformation that has taken a ragged street dweller from the bottom of the barrel in the cat kingdom and elevated her to celebrity status. They’re along for the ride, and quite privileged to be there.

The transformation begins

They took the disheveled cat to a local vet for a checkup to make sure that everything under the hood of Princess Monster Truck was in sound working order. The pair did have a few questions because of their unfamiliarity with how unusual Persian cats can be. They wondered if she was born with the fact that she had or if something had happened to make it look the way it did. The vet assured them that this is a trait that is common in Persians. She hadn’t been the victim of an unfortunate steam roller incident. The gorgeous feline may have an offbeat appearance, but everyone is unique in their own way, and the Princess totally owns the features that earned her the name Princess Monster Truck because she looks like she could take on the toughest competition and beat them hands down in a rally or demolition event. She’s a steamroller with a personality to match.

The moral of the story

The next time you’re walking down the street, and a scroungy looking cat tumbles out in front of you, perhaps it’s fortune giving you a wink. The couple that found Princess Monster Truck are thankful for their chance encounter. There are many homeless cats out there who are in need of just a little TLC, and some of them have the ability to rise to unimaginable heights of fame and glory, with a little help from their friends.

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