Mama Cat Heroically Saves Her Kitten from a Barn Fire

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There is no question that a mother’s love is among the most powerful forces in all of nature. It isn’t uncommon to hear about stories of a mother who loves her child so much that she is literally willing to face death in order to protect them. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you are talking about a human child or an animal, the bond between mother and child seems to be something that knows no boundaries. This fact was proven recently when a cat named Minka repeatedly put her life at risk in order to save her litter of kittens from a severe barn fire.

Love Really is Stronger Than Fear

For anyone that ever doubted whether or not love is stronger than fear, Minka has proven that it definitely is. When the barn where she and her kittens were staying unexpectedly caught on fire, she ran in not once, but many times over in an attempt to save her entire litter. Unfortunately, she was only able to save one kitten, a cute black and white bundle of joy named Francis. Truth be told, it’s nothing short of a miracle that she was able to reach that kitten or that she managed to get out of the barn herself. It appears that this particular fire was so severe that anything that was even near it was feared to be without any hope of surviving whatsoever. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Minka from doing what any creature would do when they have unconditional love for someone else. As such, she repeatedly put her life in jeopardy, caring only about the well-being of her kittens.

She Was Seriously Injured

Make no mistake about it, this cat wasn’t just brave. She didn’t just have to endure the fear that would naturally come with running into a burning building. She also suffered severe injuries from her repeated attempts to go inside. In fact, her injuries were so severe that they were considered life-threatening. She came into direct contact with the fire, probably on a number of occasions. As such, Minka suffered severe burns to her belly, her ears and all four of her paws. Judging from her injuries, it would seem that she actually ran through the fire in order to get to where her kittens were located. Remember, she didn’t only do this once. She repeatedly went back inside. Every time she went inside, the fire was so severe that she couldn’t get to her kittens. Finally, it appears that she actually ran through the flames to get to the kittens and then ran back through them again on her way back out. By all accounts, her maternal instinct was so strong that she was willing to do anything necessary in order to reach her kittens. It is only the severity of her injuries, coupled with the fact that the barn fire was moving so quickly, that prevented her from going back in again in an attempt to rescue even more of her kittens.

A Long Recovery Ahead

The team of veterinarians taking care of Minka say that she has a long road ahead of her. However, she is doing exceptionally well considering the severity of the injuries that she suffered during the fire. They said that she even suffered severe inhalation injuries to her lungs, yet throughout that entire time, her main focus was on taking care of her kitten. Although only one kitten survived, thanks to her efforts, the two of them have been largely inseparable ever since the fire occurred. Currently, it’s not believed that they will be adopted to a forever home together, as the kitten doesn’t have injuries that are as severe as Minka’s. Therefore, it isn’t necessary for the kitten to stay with the team of veterinarians for as long as Minka will need to. Currently, they’re planning on adopting Francis out and keeping Minka until she too is ready to go to a new home. For now, the two of them are recovering together and seemingly enjoying just being in one another’s company.

Protecting Her Kitten

Obviously, Minka went above and beyond in order to protect her kitten from the fire. From her actions, it is clear that her only goal was to rescue her kittens, regardless of what the cost was to herself. Even now, it’s obvious that she did her level best to protect her kitten as she carried it out of the fire. This is obvious because Minka’s injuries are far more severe than the kitten’s. Considering the fact that Minka was burned by running through the fire and that she had to carry her kitten Francis out of that same fire, it’s obvious that she positioned the kitten in such a way that she basically took on the brunt of the damage from the fire as she moved through it. In short, she acted in almost exactly the same fashion that most human mothers would act if their child were trapped behind a wall of flame, first braving those flames to get to them and then doing everything she could to shield her kitten from the power of the flames as she ran to safety.

Minka is a bonafide hero. She has demonstrated something that is as selfless as any action could ever be, the desire to protect someone she loves at any cost. In the moments that she was running back inside the barn to save her kittens, she seemed to think only of the fact that they were still inside and in grave danger. She also made it clear time and again that she would do anything she had to do in order to save them. Thanks to her efforts, her kitten Francis now has the chance at a full and healthy life. By all accounts, it seems that Minka will eventually have that same chance, too.

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