The Luxury Cat Hotel is your Feline’s Dream Come True

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Many cat owners spoil their cats rotten and both the cats and their owners love every minute of it. But, what happens when caring cat owners have to go away? Maybe it’s on business or maybe a vacation where cats aren’t allowed, but either way, they can’t very well take Miss Kitty with them. Sure, you could get a house/cat sitter, but what if you don’t know anybody that fits the bill? You could take your spoiled cat to a pet board and care facility or a cattery, but wouldn’t they just stick him or her in a cold cage where the only attention he or she would get is a bowl of actual cat food each day? Cat food, oh no, not for my spoiled kitty!

One woman in England had just that problem facing her, so she built The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel. It’ a five-star cat hotel that looks just like a luxury spa retreat or boutique hotel for humans. The woman’s name is Jo Ounsley and she feels that spoiled cats who are used to a certain elevated lifestyle should have a beautiful place to go when their humans have to be out-of-town. After all, people stay in luxurious hotel suites, so why shouldn’t cats, right?

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Jo and her family are living in the Yorkshire countryside on six beautiful English acres with their highly pampered British blue shorthair cat named Feli. Three years ago, Jo decided that she wanted to fulfill her dream to build a cat hotel. So, she came up with the plans for building a facility that would be truly state-of-the-art. She wanted all luxury finishes and under-floor heating. Unfortunately, her initial planning application was not approved by the powers-that-be. After all, this was the first plan of its kind in the area, so they really didn’t quite know what to do about it. It was unlike any cattery that they had ever seen before. But, in time, the plans were approved and Jo and her luxury cat hotel were off and running.

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And now, fortunately for all the spoiled cats in England, Jo has constructed not one but two facilities on her property. One is a cat lodge and the other is a cat hotel. So, what’s the difference? Well, the cat lodge provides a kitty experience that is like that of the hotel, however, it also has way more available activities for the little four-legged guests, including large outdoor catios (cat patios), exercise wheels, climbing trees, and ceiling-level walkways. It’s like a health club for cats.

The cat hotel offers a more luxurious design and every suite has under-floor heating, a four-poster bed with embroidered linens, indoor water features, climbing trees, and outdoor balconies that offer panoramic views of the grounds for kitty’s enjoyment. In addition, each suite has a 42-inch flat-screen TV that shows bird, mouse and fish tank scenes. Even the fussiest of cats could never be bored in this hotel.

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In addition to all of that luxury, there are special VIP kitty packages that can be requested, including gourmet meals that are served up to kitties on fine china, bedtime stories, special snacks, and even pampering massage packages. Jo says that at The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, they are always happy to do their very best at accommodating any special requests that you and your precious kitty may have.

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