10 Things You Didn’t Know About “My Cat From Hell”

My Cat From Hell

My Cat From Hell is an American TV show that sees a cat behaviorist attempt to help families whose pet cat is behaving badly. It airs on the Animal Planet channel. Here are ten things about the show that you may not know.

1. There Have Been 87 Episodes Of The Show So Far

There have been ten seasons of the show that have aired so far, with a total of eighty seven episodes. The last episode aired in September 2018 and so fans have an ongoing wait for season eleven to begin, as any plans to film more episodes have not yet been announced. The show may feature cats that have similar problems, but each cat that is featured is unique in some way, as is the situation of their owners. This is one of the reasons that the show remains so popular as there is always something different in each episode.

2. Jackson Galaxy Offers A Lot Of Advice About Caring For Cats On The Show

My Cat From Hell is a very useful show for anyone who owns a cat to watch. This is the case even if your cat does not usually behave badly. Understandind the reasons why cats behave as they do could help you to stop problems developing before they even start. As well as talking about the behavior of cats, Jackson also gives practical advice regarding taking care of cats that most owners will be able to take on board.

3. Actor Eric Roberts Appeared In One Episode

An episode in season nine saw actor Eric Roberts and his wife call on Jackson for help with their cat. Their blind cat had gone missing but the couple were sure that he was still around somewhere. They suspected that he might have been jealous of some new kittens that are a recent addition to the family. AV Club have praised Jackson for treating Eric and his wife the same as he would any other couple. Eric Roberts has been the only celebrity to star on My Cat From Hell to date.

4. Several Episodes Have My Cat From Heaven Segments

In some episodes there is a segment named My Cat From Heaven. This features cats that have gone above and beyond to help their owners in some way, as well as members of the general public. Examples of some stories that have featured in the My Cat From Heaven segment include a cat that saved their owner when they had a cardiac arrest, and a cat without ears that tours schools with its owner to show kids that it is OK to be different.

5. Jackson Galaxy First Started Working With Cats In Animal Shelters

Information about how Jackson first started working with cats is shared on the Jackson Galaxy Project website. He started volunteering at an animal shelter in an entry level position but soon discovered that he shared a special bond with the cats in the shelter. He felt that he was able to connect with them in a way that he did not expect, and this was the beginning of his career as a cat behaviorist.

6. The Show Has An Active Facebook Page

There have not been any new episodes of My Cat From Hell in a while, but the Facebook page for the show still remains fairly active. There has been no news on the page about a new season starting but there are suggestions for other Animal Planet shows that you may be interested in. There are also posts that encourage fans to share pictures of their pets with others. Althought the focus of the page is mainly cats, photos of all pets are welcome.

7. Fans Would Have Noticed Jackson Losing Weight With Each New Season

When you watch old seasons of My Cat From Hell back it is easy to see how much weight Jackson has lost since the show began, and he was not even at his heaviest weight at this point. He once weighed over 400 lbs and underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2007. After the surgery he lost around 150 lbs, although he did regain some of this weight when he stopped smoking. His wife has been vegan for over twenty years and when he adopted this lifestyle he was able to lose even more weight.

8. A Lot Of The Stories Feature Cats That Don’t Take Well To Their Owner’s Partners

One of the most common themes that runs through the show is cats who seem to have a problem with the partner of their owner. The title of the first ever episode was “He Hates My Boyfriend”. Cats are known as territorial animals but not many people realize that they get so protective over their owners. Jackson is able to advise the owners on the way that they can make the cat feel more included in the household and this will usually be enough to start to improve the relationship.

9. The Show Has Been Used To Promote The Adoption Of Cats From Shelters

A lot of the work that Jackson Galaxy does focuses on giving all cats a better chance at a happy life. This includes encouraging people who want a cat to get one from a shelter rather than buying from a private seller. This is something that Jackson talks about a lot in the show as he hopes it will raise awareness of adopting from a shelter as the best way to bring a cat into your family.

10. The Show Has Not Been Officially Cancelled

Even though it has been over a year since the last episode of My Cat From Hell aired, no official announcement has been made about the future of the show. This gives fans hope that an eleventh season will be made at some point. One of the reasons why a new season may not have happened yet is that Jackson is taking his Cat Mojo show on tour at the beginning of 2020. The details of this show can be found on his official site.

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