The 20 Best Cat Foods of 2017

Selecting the best possible food for your kitty can be a daunting task. If you’re not familiar their nutritional requirements, you may be lost when it comes to reading the label. Compound this with the fact that they are known to be picky eaters and the job gets harder. Some of the more popular foods that are on the market contain fillers that are not nutritious and can actually impair your cat’s health. Whether your preference (or your cat’s) is canned, dry or somewhere in the middle, the question remains, which is the best choice? The answer is, the most nutritious formula that is made specifically to address nutritional need of the age and health of your pet, that they will eat.

Good ingredients and bad ingredients

Here is what you should look at before buying. Avoid fillers that have little real value in terms of nutrition. These include corn, wheat and soy. The better choice would be a formula that has brown rice, flaxseed, peas, chicken, beef and fish, along with omega fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins and minerals. This will provide your furry buddy with the best possible diet so when you’re reading the labels, bear in mind that the ingredients are generally listed with the first one occupies the highest ratio in the mixture.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the 20 best cat foods in 2017:

1.’Organix’ brand ‘grain-free-organic

This brand has been certified as being ‘organic’ by the USDA. It does not contain soy, wheat or corn fillers, in fact, there are no fillers. It does contain salmon meal, brown rice, flaxseed and peas. It also contains fiber, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and omega fatty acids. All ingredients are from the United States. It contains no chemical pesticides, antibiotics, or man-made fertilizers.

2.’Natural Planet Organics’ brand all-life-stages

This product is made from free-range-raised poultry. It also includes vegetables, fruits and grains that give your pet a balanced and nutritional meal. The protein levels are high in this formula, and although it does use some grain, it offers probiotics, prebiotics, omega fatty acids, taurine, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Even the packaging is one hundred percent compostable.

3. Life’s Abundance All Life Stage

This product has no trace of grains in it. It contains protein that is sourced from herring and two sources of poultry. it also contains omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and mineral and consists of 38 percent protein. There is no gluten, corn, wheat or artificial flavors or colors included. This natural product is made in the states of New York and Ohio, USA.

4. Taste of the Wild

Cats originated on the earth in the form of wild animals which have been domesticated through the centuries. This product speaks to their inborn instincts with ingredients that come closer to what they instinctively crave. While the formula is not entirely organic, it is considered to be a healthy formula. It contains no grains and it does include wild salmon and roasted venison. Some varieties feature a combination of Trout and Salmon. Each bag is also fortified with antioxidants, amino acids and high protein. It promotes good digestive health and there are varieties suitable for kittens, adults and seniors.

5. Newman’s Own Premium Adult

The Newman’s Own brand includes a good range of choices with a less expensive option in healthy ingredients. The ingredients are 70% organic. It meets the standards set to ensure your pet’s nutrition by the Association of American Feed Control Officials across the lines of kittens, adult kitties and seniors. There are no corn or wheat fillers in this brand. Nor do they use flavor enhancers, artificial colors, antibiotics, hormones, herbicides, pesticides or chemical additives in any of the ingredients. The formulations include chicken, oats, brown rice and vegetables. This product is made in the USA.

6. Natural Balance limited ingredient

This is a special formulation that you can feed your kitties who have allergies, intolerance to some foods, sensitivities or digestive issues. When pets fail to thrive, or seem to be sick a lot of the time, their diet may actually be the culprit. This product is the right choice because some animals need to eat a special diet in order to maintain good health. it is called LID because it limits the number of ingredients in an effort to give your kitty the nutrients that he or she needs, while avoiding some which may be harmful to them. It offers a range of varieties which all contain wholesome ingredients and that do not contain wheat, soy or corn. Each includes animal protein along with pea protein and the kinds of fats which are recommended. Four flavors are available including Green Pea & Venison; Green Pea & Duck; Green Pea & Salmon and Green Pea & Chicken. Formulations are available regardless of your pet’s stage of life.

7. Halo Spot’s Stew

Spot’s Stew is made of fish, eggs, animal meats, fruits and vegetable. The meat used in this formulation is butcher quality. There is no wheat, wheat gluten, corn, plant meal or rendered fish/poultry or meat in this product. It contains only wholesome ingredients. It is intended to be a substitute for pet lovers who don’t have the time to cook for their furry friends.

8. Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free

This product contains healthy ingredients including real meat, poultry, veggies and fruits. There are absolutely no grains used in the formula. It also includes omega fatty acids, probiotics, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. A unique process is used to make the flavor appealing to your kitty. The outer coating of the kibble is freeze dried in order to seal in the nutrients and the flavor, making this an option that is also tasty. It comes in four flavors including Rabbit; Salmon, chicken and Duck & Turkey. There are no corn, wheat, gluten, soy or other types of fillers in this formula. It is also has no artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.

9. “Organix” Organic formula for seniors

This is a special formulation made by Organix. It is specifically meant to nourish older pets age 11 and up. As they age, changes happen in their bodies that mean the ingredients in their meals also need to change. This product contains fiber, protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and other nutrients. It leaves out corn, wheat and soy fillers and offers 34 percent pure protein. All ingredients are certified and this product is made in the USA. The flavor available is Chicken, Peas & Lentils.

10. “Organix” grain free kitten formula

This is another specialty product that is made by the brand, and it specifically addresses the needs of young kittens. It gives them the extra protein and fat that is required in their growing bodies, including omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and antioxidants to ward of illness. This product includes fresh organic poultry, peas, potatoes and lentils. There are no fillers, no grains, no antibiotics, chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or growth hormones included, not even in trace forms. It is USDA certified.

11. Wysong Vitality

This product is designed to be rich in nutrients that cat’s require. It contains 36% protein and 16% of the types of fats needed. It is made from ingredients that are fresh and whole and includes a host of micronutrients. There are no artificial ingredients, nor does it contain anything that does not provide what your pet needs. It comes in different varieties including: Vitality Uretic which addresses urinary health and “Optimal Vitality’ with 50% protein meeting the requirements of pets with a need for higher protein intake.

12. Wysong Optimal Geriatrx

This is another high quality product made by Wysong, that is recommended if your pet is age 11 and up. It brings a vast supply of micronutrients that older kitties need. It also contains 48% protein that is made from dried meat and dried organs which are the first ingredient. There are no artificial ingredients, fillers or ingredients which are not nutritional. It also includes a mixture of balanced fats including omega 6 fatty acids and omega 3, and low carbohydrates.

13. Newman’s Own Organics Adult

This is another product that is made by this brand. it includes poultry meat that is also approved in human consumption, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It meets the Association of American Feed Control Officials standards as approved food meeting nutrient profiles recommended in adult cats. It is naturally preserved with vitamin E. It also contains brown rice, carrots, and peas. It contains no pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics and chemical additives. It is number thirteen on the list because it does contain whole grains, but these are not considered to be harmful to cats, they act like carbohydrates, but are also considered to be a filler.

14. Wellness CORE ‘natural’ grain-free

Wellness CORE offers a product that contains no grains. It does not contain any wheat, corn, wheat gluten meat by products or soy. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. it offers proteins, antioxidants, fatty acids, probiotics, minerals and vitamins that your kitty need at all stages of life. it comes in four flavors and varieties.

15. Wellness TruFood Baked Blends Raw Natural

Wellness TruFood Baked Blends is high in protein and packs each nugget with whole foods which come from sea, farm and field. There is no wheat, potatoes, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives or grains of any kind in this formulation. It comes. This product is one hundred percent free of grains and it is made in North America.

16. Wellness Complete Health

This is a second highly recommended product made by the brand. This formula is that gives those pets who do not have a problem digesting grains a balanced diet. It offers the same high-quality ingredients that offer a balanced nutritional diet including meat protein, vegetables and the addition of grains. It is not made to be given to pets who have intolerances or grain allergies. it comes in a total of eight different varieties.

17. Eagle Pack Natural

This formulation is designed to offer the most in protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios that promote good health. It also supplies antioxidants and the inclusion of the needed omega fatty acids. This formula is recommended if your pet spends most of their time indoors. It does not include artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. There is no wheat, corn or meat by products included. It comes in two different flavors.

18. Blue Buffalo Life Protection

Blue Buffalo provides a range of products that are made from natural ingredients. They are formulated to meet standards for good nutrition for all stages of your pet’s life.
There are formulations made specifically to provide balanced nutrition that kittens, inside pets and those with weight issues, sensitive stomach, hairball issues and so on. Each Blue Buffalo product is made of fresh chicken, garden fresh vegetables and fruits and some include whole grains. This product comes in nine different flavors and varieties. Each is made in the USA and they contain no poultry by products.

19. Indoor Ultra-Dry by Natural Balance

This is another top choice of the brand that comes highly recommended. This formulation is a blend that has thirty percent protein and fourteen percent fat, including the essential omega fatty acids, minerals and vitamins intended to give active cats the right nutritional balance. It comes in two flavors including: Rabbit & Salmon Meal; and a variety that includes chicken and salmon meals. There are no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors used in the preparation of this product. This particular formula is made specifically to address the needs of felines who spend the majority of their time indoors.

20. Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain

This is a delicious treat for kitties who need an alternative to grains. If your pet has a sensitive stomach or allergies that are triggered by grains, then this natural formulation may be the best choice. The ingredients include peas, cranberries, potatoes, chicken with no poultry by products as the number one ingredient, and it contains zero artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. This brand comes highly recommended as a top pick for 2017.





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