Tips on Adopting the Right Cat For You

Bringing a new animal into your home is a very exciting idea – but just how do you know it will be a good for both parties? To be honest, there isn’t too much you can do to prepare to add on to your animal family – just a few pieces of advice learned over the years.

Here are a few tips on adopting the right cat for you:

– Adopting from the pound is cheaper than purchasing an animal from the pet store. Also, By adopting, you are not only enriching the life of your new pet, you are also enriching the lives of yourself and your family.

– Bring the whole family. Involving every single member of your family is important in finding your next nonhuman family member. After all, this will play a big part in the daily interaction with the new pet.

– Take your time. If one child in the family wants one pet while the other child wants another, it all boils down to who could make the best match for the entire family. Most shelters and facilities don’t offer the service to help families decide which pet is right for them. You can visit the shelter a few times to see how well everyone in your household bonds with the potential pet.

– Do your homework. Most animal shelters and rescue homes often have the stories and pictures of all their cats on their websites. Go online and do some research to see what speaks to you.

– Consider fostering. Cats in shelters are often under a lot of stress. While their true personalities may not shine in a shelter, fostering gives you a good glimpse into its personality.

Photo by Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images


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