Tips on Introducing Your Cat to a New Home


It’s pretty much inevitable that you will move into a new home at least once in your lifetime – and that includes moving your cat with you. In the madness of making the big move, we oftentimes tend to forget that our cats also have feelings toward picking up and heading to a new home – and it’s usually not a positive one! What’s a cat owner to do? Rather than ignore your cat’s feelings, here’s a list of things you can do to get them properly adjusted:

– Leave your moving boxes out early. Give your feline time to get used to the boxes, which will eventually mean a big change in their lives.

– Allow ample time for your cat to get used to the pet carrier. Make a comfy bed in it and occasionally leave cat treats in it. Your cat should get a friendly feeling from the carrier – and feel like the carrier is not something it should fear.

– When it comes time for moving, place your cat in the bathroom with cat essentials (food, water, and litter box) while moving men are coming in and out of the house. Also, make sure to put a note on the door to keep it closed at all times.

– Cat-proof the new house ASAP. When arriving at your new place, be sure to make it safe for your feline. Tuck away electrical cords, make sure all windows have secure screens, remove poisonous plants and guarantee that pest-control poisons or traps are not in the house within your cat’s reach.

– Designate a room in the house, preferably the quietest in the place, to be your cat’s training ground (or “home base”) for at least the first few days there. It should be the first place you leave its carrier, as well as food, water, and treats.

– Spend time with them in the special room, like while you are reading or watching TV. Let the cat explore the room and get used to its new surroundings.

– After unpacking all of your belongings, allow your pet to slowly explore the rest of the rooms in the house. Soon enough, it will get comfortable with the new digs and be able to think of the place as its new home too!

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