Tips for Telepathic Communication With Your Cat

communicating with your cat

If only our cats could tell us what it is that they are attempting to say, life would be a lot simpler. I mean, honestly; our cats being able to tell us what’s on their mind would make life so much easier. Knowing that they are hungry or that they are annoyed, or knowing that they want to go to the bathroom or that they want to go outside or that they don’t feel well would be helpful (also, the same is true of our babies). Unfortunately, even the chattiest of cats are unable to tell us precisely what it is that they want to say, and we are stuck with the job of guessing what it is that they are trying to say. No one wants to be a guesser, so that’s why many cat owners turn to Animal Communicator Tim Link for answers.

His new book discusses the fact that we can communicate with our cats in a telepathic manner. We can listen to them, hear them and even work with them in our minds. It might sound far-fetched to you, but don’t knock it til you try it, okay? We have several tips for you to use when telepathically communicating with your feline friend, and we are dying to know if any of these tips help you understand what it is your cat has to say. You’re not going to have a long drawn out conversation with your cat using this technique, but you are going to learn a bit more about your cat based on spending more time with him bonding and getting to know him, and you are going to learn how to block out the outside world so that you can better understand what it is your cat is trying to tell you.

This is important, because this is how you will learn to recognize that your cat is not feeling well, that there is something wrong with your cat or that you are in a place in which you are not able to understand what your cat wants. It could be something as simple as a meal, a cuddle or a bath. It could be something as complicated as a sad cat that’s going through stress; either way, Link offers some tips good for anyone looking to get to know their cats on a more telepathic level.

Understand that it’s a Real Process

Telepathic communication with your cat is something you can do, according to Link. He is aware that many people are skeptics when it comes to his unique way of thinking, but he wants us to know that we should not feel this way. In fact, he wants us to know that we should feel as if we are doing something unique and special and very in tune with our animals. “They all use that telepathic connection they have with each other, and they have a way of communicating outside of the normal barks and meows and whinnies and vocalizations,” says Link of how it is that cats and other animals are able to communicate with one another and with humans on a telepathic level. What he wants is for all the skeptics to open themselves up to the belief that this is possible.

Trust your Instincts

Link states that the best way to communicate with our animals telepathically is to lose our doubt about the process, our skepticism, and move on to trusting our instincts. We like to trust them for many other things, so he believes we need to learn to trust them when it comes to communicating with our feline friends. His advice is to ignore the rest of the world and find a quiet time in which to focus on ourselves, our breathing and our cats.

Unleash your Inner Child

As Link explains in his newest books, kids have this amazing way of connecting with animals, and he believes it is because kids are not doubtful of their abilities and they are very in-tune with not only their own minds and their own bodies, but with their cats, too. He feels that if we use this ability to connect with animals on a regular basis, we will make it far easier on ourselves to actually connect with animals on any basis. He says to let the inner child out and believe that you are really communicating with your animal.

Spend more Time with your Cat

At the end of the day, it seems that Link believes we do not spend enough time with our cats. He is a firm believer that it is far easier for us to communicate telepathically with our cats when we are able to spend more quality time with them. This allows us to connect with them on a deeper level so that we learn to understand what it is that they are trying to tell us. He then goes back to what he said before about trusting your instincts. It is Link’s belief that if you feel your cat is attempting to tell you something specific, he probably is. He wants you to trust that and get to know it.

Essentially, telepathic communication is not about reading the mind of your cat. It’s about getting to know your cat very well so that you learn to read his body language, his signals and his mood. It’s far easier to tell how someone else is feeling and what they want when you are connected with them on a deeper level. It’s like, for example, I know what my husband is thinking with just a look and eye contact because after more than 14 years together I recognize his body language, his mood, his tone and everything else about him. I know what he is trying to say because I know him on a deep and intimate level. We have a connection that Link believes we need to have with our cats to better communicate with them on what he refers to as a telepathic level.

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