What Exactly is a Cat Kiss?

All animals, including humans, use their bodies in a variety of ways to communicate their feelings. One way in which humans do this is by kissing. There are many different types of kiss that are used to express everything from a general greeting to deep emotions, such as affection, love, and passion. Cats also like to express their affection and one way that they do this is to give a cat kiss, although this does not involve lip-on-lip action. Here is what you need to know about cat kisses.

Do Cats Kiss Each Other?

When two humans kiss, it usually involves the touching of lips or interlocking of mouths. It is usually a romantic gesture and is often a prelude to sex. Cats kissing each other is not a romantic gesture as cat sex is generally not a loving activity; it is simply an act that is done to create life. The way that cats kiss and show their affection for each other is usually done in the form of mutual grooming. This occasionally involves their mouths touching, but the focus is generally on other areas of the body. Cats will often lick each other as part of this bonding ritual or rub themselves against each other. If two cats do not like each other, then they will not partake in this behavior.

Licking is also something that goes on in family units. Kittens from the same litter will lick each other, as will their mother. Not only does this show affection, it is also a way of marking their territory and declaring that the kitten is part of that family. Occasionally, cats who meet for the first time will touch noses in an action that resembles a quick peck. This is partially a salutation and partially a way of sniffing each other as they familiarize themselves with the new cat.

Do Cats Kiss Their Owners?

One reason that people keep pets is for companionship, so it is nice as a cat owner if your cat is willing to return your affection. Cats are usually not shy about communicating their feelings to their owner. They will give a meow to greet them, rub themselves against their owner’s legs, and purr when they are happy in their owner’s company. However, do they actually kiss their owners? Occasionally, your cat may lick you close to your mouth and you could assume that this is their way of kissing you.

In most cases, however, this is nothing to do with showing affection. It is more likely that the area around your mouth tastes of your last meal or you have a salty flavor to your skin from sweat. A new taste is something that most cats find appealing. This is not the only reasons why a cat might be licking you. Licking is sometimes a sign that a cat is stressed. A further reason for licking is that cats like the sensation of different textures on their tongue. Other than you, they may lick all kinds of objects to test the texture, such as rubber, metal, or cotton.

Are You Missing Out on Kisses?

Although kissing in the way that humans do is not a part of normal feline behavior, there are still ways that cats convey their affection towards their owner. You just need to learn to recognize the signs and accept that this is their way of giving you a kiss rather than to expect them to kiss you in the same way that you would kiss another human.

One of the most common ways that a cat will show their affection is the cat slow blink. If you see your cat doing the slow cat blink, it is a definite sign that they are trying to express their affection towards you. If you are not sure what a cat slow blink is, then watch for when your cat is looking directly at you with soft eyes and begins to blink slowly. This is something that cats do to both people and to other cats.

You can return the affection to the cat by mimicking their cat slow blink back at them. If you come across a frightened cat, you can use the slow blink to show them that you do not mean them any harm. This is a facial expression that cats will understand and it can help to calm them.

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