Wobbly Kitten Finds Daddy to Make Him Safe

Wobbly Kitten

While cats are incredibly popular on the Internet, with countless videos and pictures of cats playing with their owners appearing every day, many cats suffer greatly. Life can be incredibly difficult for a cat, especially for those without proper care. For this reason, a great deal of attention is directed towards helping street cats and strays. However, few people realize that even cats who do not live on the streets can face tremendous difficulties.

The only way to help cats who suffer from health issues is through a cooperative and compassionate support network. An example of how working together can make a world of difference for a cat is the case of Pepino.

Pepino was born in the VCA Cromwell Animal Hospital. His birth, interestingly, was a surprise. His mother was brought in to be spayed, but the doctors found that she was pregnant. After giving birth to Pepino, the owner chose not to keep him. Pepino was very small and frail when he was born, and therefore required a great deal of care as he grew up.

The staff at the hospital worked tirelessly to keep young Pepino alive. In addition to their care, they also posted about his journey on Facebook. This caught the attention of supporters like Carmelo Aresco, who sent many messages of positivity and hope. He followed the kitten’s journey closely as Pepino fought for his life.

After gaining some strength and becoming more stable, Pepino underwent a medical exam. Unfortunately, it turned out that Pepino had a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia (CH). This condition is a neurological disorder that causes issues with balance, meaning that poor Pepino will never be able to walk. In order to help him get around, the staff at the animal hospital provided him with a makeshift wheelchair.

Wobbly Kitten 3

Aresco watched for updates as Pepino grew older and stronger. Eventually, the kitten was healthy enough that he was ready to be adopted. Feeling a strong connection to the cat, Aresco decided to do as much research on CH as possible. After gaining a better understanding of the disorder, he applied to adopt Pepino and ended up bringing him home.

Today, Pepino lives a happy and carefree life. He does not know that he is different from other cats, and he spends his days playing with his cat siblings. Aresco has a home filled with felines, as Pepino now has 5 other cats to play with at home. Although he cannot walk, Pepino gets around the house on his own. He props himself up on furniture and shuffles a few steps before falling and beginning again. While he will always have to deal with the challenges of CH, he is now a strong and healthy cat.

What is most important is that Pepino has a family to turn to. He can always look to Aresco for help when he needs it. His story shows how powerful a caring support network can be. Even cats like Pepino, who have significant health issues and are abandoned by their owners, can live happy and playful lives if supported properly. The staff at the animal hospital worked to bring Pepino back to health and Aresco put in the effort to follow the cat’s journey and research his condition before adopting him. With this type of effort, there is little that a cat cannot overcome.

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