Are Cat-People More Creative Than Dog-People?

Creative people have many features you can spot them by. They tend to be weird, sensitive, unpredictable. One more thing: they love cats!  But are cat people more creative than dog people?   This never-ending battle which has devoured minds of society, divided families, friends, colleagues into two camps: those who love cats and those who love dogs. It seems that when you meet somebody for the first time, all you need to ask is “Are you a dog person or a cat person?” and you will get most of the information about someone`s personality right away. Does it really work? Isn’t that some kind of stereotype?

No, not really. Scientists conducted a massive research on the issue years ago and many specialists were involved including psychologists, biologists, zoologists and others. Turns out, the stereotypes about pet owners that society is soaking in are absolutely true. Dog-lovers are mostly very open, friendly, sociable, active and they are more likely to follow rules. Those who prefer cats tend to be more introverted, intuitive, sensitive, rebellious, and, that`s right, creative. Unfortunately, most of the student dorms don`t allow cats so you`ll have to get another source of inspiration in order to write that whole load of essays.

In case you`re wondering, there is a way you can avoid all that stress and anxiety that comes along with the anticipation of deadlines. I bet you`re curious already. There is a cool professional website you can address with a very simple request like: “Write essay for me” and this decision will mark an end of your suffering and academic failures. You can get a cat after you graduate and, perhaps, you`d be interested to find out why these animals are the choice of creative people.

Cats Help with a Creativity Exhaustion

You must have noticed that if you’ve been doing something insanely creative or artistic for quite some time, you feel like your energy has gone down the drain and has no intention to come back unless you take a 10-hour nap. It`s because when you`re in a process of coming up with fresh ideas, your brain is using its whole capacity to activate the areas which are responsible for memory, critical thinking, a perception of the world, previous life experience, practical skills, knowledge and many more. Being creative is exhausting, indeed, and cats are the best stress relieving creatures and may serve as fluffy antidepressants. That`s what scientists say.

When you`re engaged in an activity which requires so much thinking and mental strength (you can be an artist, a writer, a composer or a photographer), then you need someone who is calm, quiet, and independent by your side. Let`s be honest, dogs are kind of needy attention seekers (and that`s one of the reasons why we love them so much) but truly creative people would appreciate a posh companion full of sass. That`s an exact description of a cat.

It`s Just That Creative People Are Lazier

Okay, maybe not lazier but more selective when it comes to chores, duties, and certain unpleasant activities. People with artistic inclinations sometimes behave childishly and it`s not entirely a bad thing. They are bad at repetitive everyday activities and routines because they mostly despise rules and hate following them. So taking into consideration that cats are low-maintenance, they don`t require regular walking, bathing, physical activities, and constant close contact with their owner, they will turn out to be the best pets for artists who are often diving into their creative thoughts and forget about reality.

Besides, if a cat wants you to feed it, trust me, you`ll know and you won`t forget about it no matter how hard you try. On top of that, cat-lovers have introversive inclinations and cats don`t feel the need to go outside and meet others or play with them so it`s a perfect companionship.

Famous Proof

Of course, if we give you a few examples of highly creative and talented people who own cats, you can show us a whole list of famous and skillful people who own dogs. There is this interesting tendency though when we`re talking about celebrities. Singers/songwriters mostly have cats and those who are involved in cinematography prefer dogs more. There is no official statistics (because who would do official statistics about this?) but fandoms are dedicated enough to count those numbers. Let`s see who owns cats.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are huge cat lovers and it`s not their only title. They are considered to be on top of a game in the field of solo male and female artists with record-breaking sold-out concerts. Taylor has 10 Grammys (which is like Oscar in a music industry) and Ed has 4 (FYI, “Queen”, Diana Ross, “The Who”, and Katy Perry have/had none of these shiny bulky things).

Ernest Hemingway was a big cats fan, in fact, he once said: “A cat has absolute emotional honesty”. Charles Bukowski, Ray Bradbury, Mark Twain (here`s his quote: “When a man loves a cat, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction”), Edgar Allan Poe (cats really go well with his personality), all of them contributed to the world literature on a great scale and all of them were cat people.

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