Woman Uses Cat’s Instagram to Accuse MLB Player of Domestic Violence


While many social media users use Instagram to boast about the positive aspects of their life, there are occasions when people use this platform to talk about their issues. When this happens, it can attract a lot of attention from users, and sometimes there are repercussions beyond social media. That is exactly what has happened recently when an Instagram user made allegations of domestic violence against an MLB player. According to the New York Post, a woman has used both her own Instagram account and the Instagram account of her cat to make accusations against a baseball player. This has led Major League Baseball to open a probe into domestic violence.

Alexis Blackburn is the ex-girlfriend of MLB free agent pitcher Sam Dyson. Blackburn initially made allegations of domestic violence on her own account. However, it is the fact that she has also used her cat’s Instagram account to support the allegation that has attracted additional attention to this story. The Athletic reported that Blackburn has an Instagram for her black cat Snuckles. On this account, she writes on her cat’s behalf in the voice of the cat.

The post that has attracted the attention shows Snuckles sitting on top of a Halloween box along with a second image of the same box smashed-up. The photographs are accompanied by a caption in which the cat says that someone he trusted did the unthinkable while he was sitting in the box, implying that the box was smashed when the cat was inside. While this alone does not indicate that it was anything to do with the MLB player, Snuckles’ Instagram account post goes on to say that his mom has put up with a lot, although some people may not believe her. It also says that the cat’s mom moved him out of their home and into grandma’s house so that they could be safe. The post went on to say that the cat and his mom would not feel afraid of someone yelling at them or throwing things at them if they stayed at grandma’s house.

Blackburn also wrote on her own Instagram account that she had been bullied, although she did not name a person. She described her physical, emotional, and mental health as diminishing to nothing due to the bullying. Blackburn also said that she had ignored the bad in people and the red flags because she loved them. The post also gives a detailed account of how she is feeling right now. She has described herself as not knowing who she is at the moment but says that she has closed that chapter on her life and is feeling ready to move on. She says that she does not feel ashamed or embarrassed and that she is proud of herself for having the courage and strength to speak out. Blackburn thanks all her friends and family for their support, and says that she is on the road to recovery.

Dyson has not been named in either the post on Blackburn’s account or in Snuggles’ account, which is also written by Blackburn. However, the posts both imply domestic violence, and this has led people to assume that the unnamed person in question is Sam Dyson. Furthermore, this has been confirmed by a source who knows all the parties involved. The source has said that the posts are definitely referring to the behavior of Dyson towards Blackburn and the cat. In turn, this has led to the Major League Baseball opening an investigation into the situation. It is believed that this will involve interviews with both Blackburn and Dyson. As yet, Dyson has not publicly commented on the allegations that have been made against him. However, it could potentially damage his future with MLB, or even end his career. This situation is made worse by the fact that the player is currently a free agent.

Dyson began his career in professional baseball in July 2012 when he played with the Toronto Blue Jays. Since then, he has played for the Miami Marlins, the Texas Rangers, the San Francisco Giants, and the Minnesota Twins. He holds the accolade of being one of just a few people to have won both the College World Series and a World Baseball Classic.

The allegations of domestic violence are not the first time that Sam Dyson has been involved in a controversy involving violent behavior. Back in 2014, he was involved in a fight in a bar with teammate Chris Hatcher while he was playing for the New Orleans Zephyrs. The incident led to Hatcher breaking Dyson’s jaw, which resulted in Hatcher receiving a five-game suspension and Dyson being put on the injured list for six weeks.

In another incident, Dyson confronted Blue Jays teammate Edwin Encarnacion after Encarnacion had celebrated a home run with a bat flip. Dyson was displeased with Encarnacion’s behavior and the confrontation that ensued also involved Troy Tulowitzki. Both dugouts emptied as a result of the argument and this caused a long delay in the game. The incident forced Dyson to defend his actions to the media later. He explained that as baseball players, they are huge role models for the younger generation. He believed that Encarnacion’s behavior was unacceptable and likened it to the behavior of people playing baseball in their backyards rather than the behavior of a professional player.

As Sam Dyson has not yet responded to the allegations, his fans will have to wait and see the outcome. Major League Baseball is clearly taking the situation very seriously. If it transpires that there is truth in the allegations, it is likely to have a huge impact on how he is perceived by the public and this will also impact his career as a professional baseball player.

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