10 Great Cars for Cat Lovers


Let’s be just a little bit honest here; cats are not fans of the car. In fact, I’ve never – in 32 years – had a cat that loved to be in the car. I haven’t even had or met a cat that liked to look at the car. The only time cats seem to enjoy the car is when they should not; like cold or wet nights when they do stupid things like crawl up into engine blocks and wheel wells and end up killed or severely injured on an adventure the following morning when a vehicle owner gets into his or her car to go to work or run errands. Otherwise, I’ve never seen a cat that likes to get into a car. That’s why it seems almost ridiculous that you might consider a vehicle that will make your cat feel more comfortable.

It’s not like most people take their cat with them on a regular basis in the car, so why would you want to consider a car that’s cat friendly? Well, you might want to consider a car that’s cat friendly for several reasons. What about driving a car that gives back to animals? What about driving a vehicle that has rear climate control so that you can adjust the temperature for your cat when he or she is in the backseat on the way to or from the vet? What about driving a car that has plenty of room for a cat so that you can rest assured that you will not be fighting to fit him into the car? These are just a few of the good reasons that some cars are much better for cat lovers and owners than others.

Subaru Forester

This vehicle is great for cats, because it comes with plenty of cargo space for carrying their belongings, a big backseat for a cat carrier and rear climate control. But what makes this, and all other Subaru vehicles, amazing for cat lovers is the fact that Subaru gives back to the ASPCA. In fact, the automobile manufacturer has given approximately $9.2 million dollars to the ASPCA in the past six years. The companies partner together for something called the Share the Love Partnership, and that is precisely what Subaru does. Cat lovers should consider this kind of vehicle since purchasing one means giving back to the cats (and dogs).

Subaru Empreza

This sedan is one that makes plenty of sense for cat lovers. It has a spacious back seat, plenty of room for the carrier on days that the cat has to go to the vet, and it even has plenty of trunk space for those that want to go out and buy their cats new toys that are a bit on the larger side.

Subaru Outback

The Outback is an outdoor lover’s dream vehicle. It has space, it handles well and it’s a nice ride. It’s meant to go off-road and it has plenty of features. Mostly, though, it has plenty of space for cats in their carriers when they have to make a trip to the vet or the groomer or anywhere in between.

Subaru XV Cross Trek Hybrid

The cargo space on this particular vehicle might not be the most impressive in the world, but it does have a very comfortable interior and it does have a quiet ride. That’s going to make your cat feel a lot more comfortable when riding in this particular vehicle. It’s going to give him or her a sense of quiet and calm, because the ride is smooth and quiet and it’s not going to give the cat any anxiety because of the unknown.

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

Not only is this large SUV perfect for cats, it’s also good for the environment. That means that you can drive this around without the worry that you are doing too much damage to the environment in which your animal has to live and breathe. Additionally, because it’s an SUV it has an open cargo space in the back, which is where your cat needs to be secured when you are driving.

Chevy Suburban

This great SUV is long and it has plenty of space to put a big carrier in the cargo space. You might prefer your cat be with you or in your lap or in the seat, but veterinarians state that animals should be confined in vehicles so that they do not become projectiles in case of an accident. Additionally, they should be secured where they will not go flying, and the cargo area is best for this particular job.

GMC Yukon XL

This long SUV has all the space you need to safely secure your animal in the cargo section, or even in one of the seats if you have a specialized cargo seatbelt for things like this nature. It’s open, so your cat will not be locked in a trunk if you have to use the seats for the family.

Buick Enclave

With rear climate control and plenty of other options, this big SUV is perfect for cats. We have one, and we like to put our cat in his carrier in the third row or the cargo area so that he’s not a projectile in case of an accident, and so that he has plenty of air flow and safety involved in his ride. He loves it, and we feel comfortable with him in here.

GMC Acadia

Much like the Enclave, this vehicle has a large cargo area, climate control in the back and a smooth, quiet ride for a cat that has to be in a carrier in the back. Safety is always the first concern when transporting pets, and this vehicle has good safety ratings.

Lincoln MKX

We had one of these for a few years, and it was a great vehicle for our cat. He loved to ride in the second row or the cargo area with his carrier, and he never once seemed too overwhelmed with the ride. Rear climate control and a smooth ride likely helped with that one.

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