10 Reasons To Choose a Professional Pet Sitting Service

professional cat sitting services are worth it

Even the most well intentioned pet owners find it impossible to be home all the time with their cats. Whether it is work or pleasure that takes you away from home, many cat owners have a tough decision to make when it comes to leaving their cats behind. Do you go with a professional pet sitting service, ask a trusted friend or family member, or do you leave the cat home alone for a few days with a continuous feeder and water dish? It’s not an easy decision to make. Professional pet sitting services can be pricey. Friends and family sometimes make you feel guilty asking for favors, and leaving a cat without anyone to check on him or her could be dangerous.

If you’ve never used a professional pet sitting service in the past, you should consider it. It’s not what you think that it is, and it’s highly beneficial for your cat. We have a few great reasons to use a pet sitting service that might benefit you greatly, and we’ll go ahead and list them here so that you can find the sitter that works best for your cat. Additionally, we want to make sure you’re educating yourself to the highest possible degree before you make a final decision as to what to do with your feline friend when you leave town.

You’ll Never Worry about Food

If you plan on leaving your cat, you will worry about food. Even with a continuous feeder at home, some cats have zero willpower and will eat all of their food in a short amount of time, leaving them foodless for the remainder of your time away. This can cause you to worry while you’re gone, and no vacation or business trip should include unnecessary stress and worry. A pet sitter will make sure your cat has enough food – and only enough – each day.

You’ll Never Worry about Water

Your cat is not going to resort to licking water out of a dirty toilet because he or she went through the liquid in that continuous feeder too quickly while you were away. If you have a particular cat that will not drink water that’s not fresh on a regular basis, you won’t have to worry about him or her, either. A pet sitter has this under control at all times.

The Litter Box is Always Clean

Many cats will not use a litter box once it’s too full. Cats are very particular about where they use the bathroom, and a litter box that has not been cleaned in a while is not a good idea. Cats might not use it, which means you could come home to a mess on your bed, on the carpet, on the floor or anywhere else. A professional pet sitter is going to clean the litter box so that this does not become a problem you have to look forward to when you return from your trip.

The House Doesn’t Look Empty

What’s your biggest fear when you are away from home? Is it that your house looks empty and inviting to criminals? If so, a pet sitter is going to eliminate that issue completely. A pet sitter will come and go throughout the day, which means anyone watching your house will see this and likely decide to move on if they had criminal intentions. Criminals don’t want to break into a home in which someone is coming and going every day.

The Cat is Safe

When you are away from home, you worry that your cat is not safe. If your cat gets into any trouble while you’re away, it’s going to be short-lived since your pet sitter is going to find it and fix it before you get home. A cat that gets locked into a room accidentally by shutting the door with his or her paws, for example, will be fine for a day until a pet sitter comes to check on the cat. It is just one less thing for you to worry about.

Medical Emergencies are Easily Cared For

Cats could develop illness or injury at any time, and not being there to get your cat to the vet in a medical emergency is hard on pet owners. This is just one of the most prominent reasons a pet sitter is such a good idea. This is a person that will come to the home every day while you’re away so that any medical issues from which your cat suffers can be quickly handled and the cat can get to the vet.

Your Cat will Get Any Medication Required

Does your cat have a health issues that requires medication? If so, you might consider hiring a professional pet sitter over a friend or family member because these professionals are well-versed in administering medication and ensuring that animals are given the proper care that they need. Your cat will not end up without a dose of something that’s designed to make it feel good or treat an illness when a professional cat sitter is in charge.

TLC is not to be Overrated

Your cat is, admittedly, pretty self-sufficient. However, that doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t need some love and companionship. TLC is not something that’s overrated in the lives of cats, and that’s why we recommend you hire a cat sitter that will take the time to come into the house and play, offer some love and cuddles and remind your cat that he is cared for.

Pet Sitters can Grab the Paper

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that a homeowner is not home, even if they have the light on timers and other things to make the house look as if it’s being lived in at the moment, is the paper piling up at the door or on the drive. Ask your pet sitter to grab that paper every day and he or she will be more than happy to do that for you so that your house doesn’t look empty while you’re away.

Your House is Inadvertently Cared For

Even if you aren’t asking your professional pet sitter to open blinds, shut other blinds and leave a light or two on when you’re away and he or she is caring for the cat, your house is cared for. Anything that goes wrong will be noted. For example, if you accidentally leave a candle lit or the stove on, the pet sitter will notice and handle it. This is a way for your house to be cared for without actually asking anyone to care for it, which is a huge benefit of having a professional pet sitter handle your animals while you are away.

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