10 Things that Cats Love More Than Anything


Cats are such interesting creatures. They seem as if they don’t care about anything, but then they get on your lap and refuse to leave you alone for hours. They ignore your constant presence all day long and then they won’t leave your side at 3 in the morning when they’re cuddled up next to you trying to sleep. They seem to find you irritating and annoying all day long and then they sit right on top of you the rest of the day and night. They’re interesting in that you just don’t know them. You don’t know your cat. Unlike a dog who is constantly looking at you with love and affection, you have no idea what your cat is really thinking when it’s looking at you. Though you probably suspect the answer is, “Fool,” when you see the expression on the face of your feline friend. Cats are just not easy to pinpoint, and we have some thoughts on that. They’re cool cats (no, I couldn’t not go there). They play it cool and calm; they’re collected. They don’t want you to know what they’re thinking and feeling for a variety of reasons we’ll never know, but we do know that they’re amazing. They’re going to help you live longer, and they’re going to make you feel good about yourself. But you’re also going to find that cats have a variety of loves – some of which are really annoying. What does your cat love more than anything? Probably one or more of the things on this extensive list.


All cats love sleep. All people love sleep. All things that can sleep love sleep. It’s the best thing that ever happened to the world. Cats are so lucky in that they can sleep all day long if they want. It’s like their entire job is just to sleep and it makes us a little envious of them and their well-rested nature.

Hair Ties

Have you ever noticed that you cannot find a hair tie, like, ever? It’s because cats find them, hoard them and play with them when you’re not looking. They are like hair tie hoarders and they’re good at it. Cats love hair ties and they will literally find them just about any and everywhere they can without hesitation.

Anything They can Get Their Hands On

It’s true that cats like anything they should not like. They like anything that does not belong to them. They like anything that they can reach. They like to jump on the cabinets and counters and make you nuts. They like anything they can reach, or find a way to reach, to be quite honest. If it’s a baby toy, so be it. If it is your lunch, that’s fine, too. Cats love anything they can access that you don’t want them to access.

Bothering You when You Haven’t the Time

Hey, remember that time you were sitting in your home office working away on your computer when your cat came in and jumped on the desk? You tried to shoo the cat away but all he did was then plop himself right down on top of your keyboard, right in front of your monitor and make himself comfortable? Yes, cats love that.

Scaring You

My cat, in particular, is good at this particular skill. He’s the kind of cat that likes to sit on top of the fridge and then reach down and grab your  hair as you walk by unsuspecting. He’s also the kind of cat that likes to find a place in the back of the closet in the middle of the center shelf under a pile of sweaters or scarves so that when you reach in to grab one you just grab a warm body. It’s enough to give you a heart attack.


I’ve never met a creature in my entire life that seems to enjoy licking itself so much, but cats are just like that. They have this thing about grooming. I mean, we all like to look good and feel clean, but cats have this special way about it. They like to sit somewhere completely inappropriate and public and lick themselves in front of you and the rest of the people in your home. It’s kind of gross.

Keeping an Eye on the Exterior of Your Home

If you have a cat, you have a window and it’s the cat’s favorite place in which to sit and enjoy the view. Your cat is like the nosy neighbor that knows everything that’s going on in the ‘hood. He sees all, knows all and probably sits there judging all the neighbors – and you.

Finding Remote Places to Hide

Cats love to find remote places in which to hide and get away from the people in their lives. They love to be anywhere that is not where you’d expect. From the inside of a closet hidden in the far back corner of a shelf to the interior of the pantry, to the top of the fridge to the shelf over the bar, your cat is going to find a place in which to hide that is going to make you absolutely crazy and insane.

Pawing You

Have you ever thought your cat was trying to stab you in a way that felt almost like it was trying to hide the fact that this is what it’s up to? Well, we have, and it’s because case love to paw at people. It almost feels as if they are sharpening their nails on you and making you become their own personal slave.

Waking You Up at 2 in the Morning

Cats love to get up and play in the middle of the night. It’s not surprising, really, when you consider the fact that they sleep all day. They do have to find time to be awake at some point in their lives, and what better time is there for that than the middle of the night when you’re busy doing important things like sleeping?

Photo by Mark Large – WPA Pool / Getty Images

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